The conversation was enjoyable. The time was quickly. The impression is that everyone has that the event was a huge success. However, the next day comes around and your messages remain unanswered. You keep your cool and the following days drag on and your messages remain unanswered.

It’s sad and heartbreaking, making you feel as if you’re losing your mind. Here’s how to handle it when a person doesn’t text you for a whole week.

Why Do Guys Have to Wait So Long To Text To Text Back

Sometimes , people are engaging in other activities, communicating with other people, or put down their phones. It is normal to wait a little time. Sometimes, guys are able to assess their mood and then respond to messages so that they don’t appear depressed themselves.

Give them and you the chance to reply promptly. They may be busy due to many reasons. often they’ll explain the reasons to you during the chat.

I can remember my first texts messages which I had to my current boyfriend. I had sent him a text message and was frightened because it was nearly four or five hours since I’d heard from him. I was at the edge of a tizzy spiral when I thought possible that he had just finished talking to me.

It was then that I got a message telling me that he was working on installing a dishwasher for one of his friends. He also included a image of the dishwasher set up.

Give it some time and give them to respond. Don’t overlook the warning signs of waiting for too long to send a text back. If it takes some time to send a text to you back and the person doesn’t respond to your texts for more than a period of time, take it as an indication that the person is playing games with you or doesn’t want to keep the conversation going.

Do I need to text him back?

No. Do not text him if he’s been absent for a long period without texting. If he’s not providing any kind of forward motion in the conversation, besides single-word responses Let the conversation be over.

It is well-known that the majority of texts are read within 3 minutes after receiving them and are responded to within less than ninety seconds. This means that when a person isn’t able to respond the moment he’s done, he probably would like to continue the conversation.

The desire to send a follow-up by text message after text message when you’re being ignored is understandable however, the issue is that it does not always work and can make people appear desperate. Take a look at it this in this way. Are you willing to make someone ask for or plead to know their place in your life , or to get closure?

No. I didn’t believe it. You’ll realize that you’ve successfully saved yourself from an arrow. A person who is unable to express the most basic emotions in a way that is clear, healthy or even engage in conversations. Don’t let someone consider you a victim particularly after you’ve gone out the ways to give them the respect they deserve.

The Five R’s, or What To Do

1. Remind

The truth is that there is no response that can be considered an answer. It’s so precise that it only takes a few seconds to respond to a text message. Consider it an indication that someone does not really like you. This might appear harsh and could can be difficult to take in. It’s important that you should only offer your energy to those who will return that energy to you. If a person does not text you for one week, don’t text him. It’s clear that he’s not worth the time or effort to be acquainted with.

Let yourself feel the normal feelings that accompany rejection. Let them go, allow yourself to be in them and process the feelings. Recognize that a text message is not enough in the event that he’s really interested in your profile.

Consider it this way. You enter a fancy club and have to pay a cover fee of ten dollars to enter. What happens if the club doesn’t pay the cover fee of ten dollars? You won’t be admitted. The key to getting get to know your character is the ability to keep the conversation and then text back in a reasonable amount of time. If they’re not to engage, they’re not really interested in youand should go on with your life.

It is crucial to keep in mind that you deserve love, attention, respect and validation. If someone doesn’t have the capacity to do this, you can let them go. You’re losing them and what do you have lost. Someone who’s not interested in spending 90 minutes texting to return your message. This means you’re not really losing any of your time.

2. Regather

It is natural to feel the pain and hurt when you’re rejected. Accept these feelings. Do not try to get past them too quickly or forget about them.

The way we feel affects how we brains and our hearts organize and interact in the world. Take the time to experience these normal emotions and then consider ways you can manage these feelings in a healthy way.

Journal about what the experience made you feel , and how you can confront these emotions and gain knowledge about these situations. Have a conversation with family members, a close friend, or acquaintance about the way you feel. Expressing your feelings frequently can help you in feeling more at ease and better processing your emotions. Journaling can also help you examine how you handled these emotions in the past, allowing you to better understand your ways to cope.

Remember that you have an upcoming future that is filled with a lot of people that you haven’t yet met. The person who can’t get his hands on a text message back is just a small part of your time and irrelevant compared to the many people you’ll come to meet.

It is crucial to not suppress your emotions. The act of suppressing, fighting or pushing aside these emotions is usually the way people end up feeling stressed and exhausted. It is crucial to recognize that these emotions are natural and the worst thing you could do is to put them off to deal with them later. This can cause someone to become feel numb, which can cause them to make poor choices and not experience development as individuals.

Spend time analyzing your emotions. If you are unsure of them, make the effort to get in touch with them. Talk to other people to gain an understanding of their viewpoints and validate your own opinions.

3. Redirect

It’s normal to feel unhappy and feel uneasy feelings after being turned down by a possible romantic partner. The best method to effectively manage your feelings is to take care of yourself. Self-care, which can be done in a variety of ways, lets us put the energy and focus back into our bodies and deal with the emotions we feel.

Take your time and accept that rejection is an inevitable element of dating. In the words of Dita Von Teese character, “You could be the most juicy, ripe peach on the planet There’s always going to be someone out there who isn’t a fan of peaches.”Not everyone will desire for you to stay with them, yet they won’t decide your worth, only you decide to.

Therefore, take your time and put your heart into your self. This can be done by a variety of methods. Join a gym or go for an exercise session or walk. Whatever gets your heart rate going and your blood flowing. A simple, moderate workout in as little as 10 minutes can boost your mood and give you a fresh perspective.

  • Get an oil massage. Visit the spa. Get your nails or hair cut. Give yourself some time. Make it a priority to use your schedule to make you and your satisfaction a priority.
  • Have a chat with your friends. A simple conversation and encouragement from a small group of your friends can be essential to getting back on that throbbing heart and reminding of inherent worth. The relationships you have with your friends and the time developing them is vital and will help you get beyond the situation if someone isn’t texting you for an entire week.
  • Begin that activity you’ve always wanted to pursue. Use that experience to motivate you to make personal adjustments for your own personal development and growth. Let yourself be a part of the process to find out more about yourself.

4. Rediscover

It is vital to make moment to engage with your self. Be aware of your self-worth. Spend time making sure you take good care of your wants and desires.

Get the book. Take a bath with some candles that smell good. You can go to that film. It is essential to develop as a person and to invest into your personal development and growth as an individual.

Go on a date with your partner. Visit your favorite cafe or restaurant. Be aware that you are entitled to good times and memorable experiences and you don’t need to be shared with your partner. Give yourself the respect you deserve to be treated

Knowing what you are worth and what you are entitled to is vital. It is it is easy to keep any romantic relationships you may have to the self-respect you have set by knowing your identity and the value you can bring to the table.

It allows you to know what you would like from your partner. What do you want for them to become? What do you expect to see them be able of? What are you expecting from them as individuals?

It can be daunting to date yourself, or, to some, absurd. I’m challenging you to think about this. Do you love yourself? Do you want to know yourself more? Why does going on a date sound like a waste of time? Aren’t you worthy of the time and determination you put into trying to be with someone you love? Do it, you deserve it!

5. Remember

Be aware that this man isn’t the only one you’ll meet. Keep in mind that you’re screening the men you meet for romantic relationships also. Make sure they complete specific tests and tick boxes to prove they are worthy of knowing you better.

Keep in mind that if they do not master the simple or easy task, how can they tackle the more complicated or difficult. Are they able to recall your birthday? Will they be able to remember your favorite color? Will they be able to recall other important occasions? In particular, if they cannot even remember to call you back.

Be aware that a rejection from one person isn’t necessarily the end of the world. Be aware that life is more than searching for lovers. Keep in mind that you’re worth more than what one decides to feed you.

Be aware of your self-worth. A great way to remember your worth is through the practice of affirmations.

What is an affirmation? An easy declaration of intent and enthusiasm that you are able to perform at a certain time each day to establish the mood and the purpose that you are pursuing throughout the day.

Create a date to ensure that you don’t forget. Check yourself in a mirror , and make these words over and over again to yourself. There’s no incorrect way to go about this; repeat it as many times as you think is needed. I prefer to repeat it three times in three different phrases. I take the time to experience the words and be able to comprehend the meaning behind what I’m saying.

It’s an easy way to take time to reinvest your energy and passion into your own self. Keep in mind that you matter and that your purpose and power are vital and essential.

You’re the best! I am confident in you!


It’s not easy when a person doesn’t message you for a week , but don’t text him again. Take the phone off. Remind yourself of your value to relive your feelings, manage your emotions, then redirect your energy and power back to you, discover your inner light and the ways you’re amazing, and be aware to love yourself and remember that your way to it will never be the most straight-forward or straightforward route.

Let yourself experience the process of self-love by following these suggestions or seek out other people who have similar experiences. Make comments on ways you can practice self-love and emotional control when you’re experiencing rejection. In addition, if you’re interested and have some questions write them down in comments below.

Eric Cameron is a passionate relationship coach and counselor with a focus on helping couples reconnect and build strong and lasting relationships. He has years of experience working with couples and helping them to understand the intricacies of healthy relationships. He also provides guidance on how to maintain a healthy relationship and deal with difficult topics. Eric’s approach is tailored specifically to the couple’s needs and he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon.



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