Dirty Talk Advice ColumnYou miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, or so they say, and if there is anyone who believes in shooting their shot, it would be me. I’d much rather try something and fail at it than not try at all. Some degree of failure is inevitable and what counts in the end is a willingness to pick yourself back up and keep striving for the things you want in life. This is one of the guiding principles by which I live.

So what does one do if the shot they want to take is pursuing a dream of breaking into the industry? How does one go about listening to their heart (and loins) and taking it all off in the name of (very) adult entertainment? Is there a chance to be a star? Yes. No. Maybe. It is complex. Let’s dive in and discuss, shall we? You have come to the right place and I have the answers.

“After years of exploring myself and my interests, I feel like I’m at the point in my life where I should go for things that excite me. Life’s too short to not pursue all kinds of things right?
I’m 31, black, working in finance with a healthy sexual appetite for all kinds of women and TS beauties and I really want to explore working in the porn business. Would love to get your thoughts and any advice helps.”–Hopeful And Ready Dreamer

You are in finance?

Stay there. Trust me, you will be a lot better off.

I know that isn’t the answer you were hoping to hear HARD and I don’t mean to crush anyone’s dreams, but above all else, I am a realist. And a veteran of over a decade in the industry.

The Industry Has Changed Drastically In the Last 10 Years

Industry PiracyIn the 10-plus years I have been in the industry, a lot has changed and the landscape has shifted radically from when I first washed up on these shores. The biggest shift has been skyrocketing piracy, which has either vastly reduced studios or closed them altogether. Year after year budgets shrunk and shooting was simplified. Everybody wants to watch, nobody wants to pay. The time of big studios and elaborate films is long gone.

In its place is the OnlyFans model, independent creators and people shooting off of their cell phones in their living rooms. No need to pay for locations, a camera crew, or props. No need to hire a lighting tech, an MUA, or a PA. Anyone with a fully charged cell phone and a willingness to create an OnlyFans page can be naked on the internet…but I suspect that isn’t quite what you had in mind when you wrote to me.

On one hand, it has never been easier to get into the adult industry, but on the other hand, the market is saturated, scattered, and a shell of what it once was. An added factor is that you are a male trying to break in, not a woman. However, the good news is that the demise of the standard studio model is actually in your favor.

Many Men Think They Can Make It In The Porn Industry

Porn Star DreamsLet me break it down. Many are the man who is certain that they are a porn star in the making. Though, they soon found once they were on set, surrounded by strangers, harsh lighting, and an indifferent camera crew doing a close-up on their dangly bits, the lead had fled their pencil. If you can’t perform, you hold up the entire crew, the cost of renting the location, your co-star, the director, everyone, and everything is waiting on YOU and Mr. Happy.

Don’t like your co-star? Tough. Not enough sleep? Too bad. Dehydrated? Oh well. Muscle cramp? Doesn’t matter. Too hot? You can’t run air conditioning while filming, it bleeds into the audio. Too cold? Can’t run the heater, it bleeds into the audio. In an uncomfortable and unnatural position? Doesn’t matter. Keep hard. Stay hard. For hours. Now come. Right now. On command. Nothing like an entire tired and sweaty crew ready to go home, just waiting on you to deliver a pop shot. No pressure, right?

Studios, rather than risk not being able to get a film completed, tended to stick with tried and true performers that they knew they could count on. Performers who usually entered the industry with a girlfriend who requested to work with them. Once you were in and proven, there would always be work for you, but very few studios want to risk a day of shooting on a newbie. The talent pool for women is huge. People always want to see a fresh face. The talent pool for men? Much smaller. The industry tended to run on a hardened core group of reliable swordsmen.

Breaking In Now May Be Easier Than It Previously Was

Industry DreamsBecause there is not such a gamble for big-name studios to risk trying out unknown talent in this age of OnlyFans and low-budget filming, your chances of breaking in have never been easier. Start filming solo content, figure out flattering lighting and angles, edit it, and post it on OnlyFans or Manyvids. Market yourself and your content online. Reach out to other content creators. See if any of them want to do a content swap with you or share content. Find a reliable shooting partner and start posting b/g content. Now you have proven footage that you can show a studio, vastly increasing your chances of getting booked by one of the few remaining studios. Become the porn star of your dreams. Be ready to be judged and shunned by some, and oddly fetishized by others.

Or, you know, stay in finance which is way more profitable than porn in the long run, and start exploring swinging on the weekends?

Both are options. Once you are naked on the internet, you can not undo that fact. The internet is forever. Be sure that you are okay with what you are signing up for because it will be something you can never walk away from. A future in politics? Any sort of teaching position? A high-level executive position? Having children? Entering into relationships? All of those things can be strongly impacted by a past in porn, and families have a funny way of eventually finding out if you chose to enter the industry.

While I have zero regrets about my choice to become an adult performer and have had a lot of fun, I think it is only fair to be completely honest about all the factors. It isn’t something one should rush into. If you have thought it over and are certain that it is something you want to try, your phone and an OnlyFans account are always there and waiting. Best of luck HARD, no matter what you chose to do.

Keep it Kinky My Friends,

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