When a character’s hairstyle on a new show receives the royal treatment, you know it’s going to bring the drama.

Marie Antoinette, a new series on PBS, follows Maria Antonia‘s marriage to the King of France Louis XVI and their extravagant lifestyle before diving deep into their downfall during the French Revolution in 1793.

And since the series showcases the inner workings of France’s last queen (played by Emilia Schüle), what better way to highlight the style icon than by giving her, um, hair to die for? Head hairdresser Sébastien Quinet exclusively told E! News how he honored the late royal by staying true to the Sex” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>techniques and beauty ideals of the era.

“It wasn’t just any time period with an insignificant character,” he said. “It was the Marie Antoinette.”

He pointed out the excessive elegance of 18th-century France and how appearances were directly linked to social hierarchy, adding, “It symbolized wealth and power.”

“In this case,” he continued, “the greater the hair, the higher social status.”

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