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Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today, I discuss the topic: Are You on the Same Financial Page in Your Relationship?

Money issues can be a very big problem in many relationships, so it is important to be aware of how to deal with this as a couple early on.

To be on the same page with your partner, you have to be in agreement on what it is that you both want in a financial sense for your future together. This is a very important conversation to have in the early stages of a new relationship.

If your partner is a big spender and lives paycheck to paycheck, and you are prioritizing a savings plan for your future, this opposite thinking will cause many difficulties. Both you and your partner should be responsibly involved in any money decisions as a team. There are many couples that do not share this responsibility and one partner has no idea what is going on in the financial aspect of their relationship. This is a big mistake!

Anytime there is a financial transaction within your relationship, you should both partake in the document signing and other necessary legalities that may take place. You should be equally involved and in agreement with how your money is being spent. Communication between a couple should be a top priority in all aspects of a relationship.

Discipline is the key to getting ahead financially

As a couple, you should have a plan set up for monthly withdrawals that keep you focused on a strict savings plan in your partnership. Communicate with one another and listen to each other’s ideas when it comes to budgeting and long-term financial goals. Do your homework so you know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to investing your combined incomes.

Do not take on the attitude that you’ve got all the time in the world to save money to buy a home or other important assets because let me tell you from my own experience, that time goes by way too fast! Smart couples understand the importance of implementing a savings plan in the early stages of their committed relationship. You always want to be ready for your future, whether it is buying your first condo or having your first child.

Life is difficult enough without having to constantly scramble to pay the bills, or to allow for new financial changes that often happen in our lives. Be very aware of your credit rating and be cognizant of paying off your credit cards each month. Nothing gets a couple in debt faster than paying high-interest rates on their overused MasterCard!

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Being financially proactive as a team will reduce so much stress in your relationship!

Sit down with an investment professional with a checklist of questions. Don’t just take everyone’s word for their expertise, look into what they tell you and verify the validity of their knowledge. Check out their competition and be diligent in researching the financial options you have at your fingertips. That is the blessing about Google and other search engines, you can do a lot of preparation before you even set up a meeting with a financial adviser.

It is quite common for one partner to make more income than the other, but that doesn’t let anyone off the hook not to contribute to a savings plan in your relationship. You will have to adjust things accordingly to what percentage of your paycheck you can afford each month. As long as you both contribute to the household finances, there will always be mutual respect and appreciation for each other.

You also have to communicate as a couple and be on the same page with what you prioritize as a financial purchase.

Do you really need a new car or an expensive vacation? Or would it be a better investment to do a kitchen renovation that will also improve the resale of your home should you decide to sell at a later date? You will both always have to compromise on what items you want to purchase within your partnership, as you may have a few different desires at certain times in your life. As long as you are both realistic and lower those high-maintenance expectations, your relationship will stay in a healthy place.

Hey, I get it, sometimes you just want to be a rebel and fly by the seat of your pants!! It can be exhausting always having to be financially disciplined! This is why it is important for both of you to have some of your own spending money for separate smaller items or a night out with your friends. Never make a big purchase without discussing it first with your partner!

Do not be the last to know if your money is going somewhere you didn’t agree on!

Pay attention to everything financial in your home. Do not leave all the decisions to your partner without having any input. You may think that they are more astute with it comes to financial investing, but please don’t allow yourself to be naive about where your money is going at the end of the day. There are way too many stories where a partner was blindsided by financial debt because they chose to trust that everything was going great. Stay involved!

Be careful about jumping into that investment that is just too good to be true because you know how that usually works out! This is especially true when it comes to investing in that new stock tip the guy at your gym bragged about. You always want to make the right choices when it comes to your money options, but you have to be very intelligent about what they are. It is always better to take a minimal risk than to invest in a high stake option.

Thank you, Sybersue xo <3

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