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Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today’s topic is 5 Important Traits Women Love in a Man!

Many men and women have made up a dating checklist, but quite often they are not very realistic. Women have been labeled as being high maintenance in some cases, but there are many wonderful ladies out there who are available and looking for an authentic relationship filled with love and respect.

This post may be about what women are looking for in a partner, but both sexes should make these 5 traits a priority when they are looking for their special person. They are the foundation of a great partnership and will maintain the longevity of a reciprocated love connection for years to come.

#1 – He is reliable and responsible!

Women love men that don’t play games and follow through on their promises. There is nothing more attractive than a man who has it all together and is also humble and trustworthy. He is classy and treats his lady well. What he says, he validates with action, and there are no guessing games because he makes things happen. He is clear and precise with date plans and other life situations.

#2 – He is ambitious and always prioritizes his relationship with his partner.

He really enjoys his job, but, understands how important it is to have a healthy balance between his career and his personal relationship. When a man prioritizes his partner, he makes her feel important and loved. She doesn’t have to wonder where she stands with him.

When you constantly have to figure out the mixed signals you are receiving from your partner, it doesn’t leave you with a clear vision of what their intentions are. If he is continually open and communicative about his feelings, this takes away insecurities many women feel in their relationships.

#3 – He is kind and thoughtful to his partner and others he comes in contact with.

There is no arrogance or cockiness, and he is confident and very comfortable in his own skin. He enjoys the company of others and treats everyone with kindness, and always makes his partner feel special. He does the little things that bring a smile to people that he engages with every day. Not only that, but he has a wonderful group of friends that complement his personality and are enjoyable to be around. He is very respectful of his partner’s time and helps out wherever he may be needed without being asked.

#4 – He is fun to be with and has a great sense of humor!

There is nothing better in life than being with someone who is fun and can make you laugh on a regular basis. This makes all the difficult things you have to deal with in your relationship so much easier because you can both see the lighter side of life. So many people are still having a tough time with day-to-day problems since the Covid pandemic transpired, so a little laughter is always really appreciated.

#5 – Women love men who are loyal and respectful.

You know your man loves you because he only has eyes for you. He is not flirting with other women or making you question his love or sincerity in your partnership. He tells you how he feels and shows you regularly.

Furthermore, he treats you and all the women in your lives with absolute respect. He stands up for you and always has your back, which makes you trust him without a doubt. You are very secure within your relationship because you have reciprocated respect for each other!

Most women just want to be loved and valued by their partners.

At the end of the day, we all just want to be loved and accepted without judgment. The same can be said for the men I have coached over the years. Things have become convoluted for both sexes over the last decade, but it is up to us individually as to what we allow, or don’t allow in our lives.

You can either sit there and keep repeating the sabotaging mantra that there is no one out there for you, or you can revise your thinking and your extensive checklists to find the love that you deserve. Having a healthy attitude is half the battle of getting anything you want in your life, so be aware of how you come across and how you view what is, or isn’t happening in your relationships.

These 5 traits listed above are the qualities of a wonderful man, and that is where your priorities should lie when you are dating. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how many relationships you have been in, it is never a bad time to implement positive changes in your world. Understanding what is really important and what is superficial will help you find your person.

Thank you, Sybersue xo <3

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