13 Female Physical Features That Attract A Man Immensely

When FRIENDS started airing, men all over the world unanimously agreed that Jennifer Aniston is irresistible. She did, and still has everything that makes a woman attractive physically. However, we still don’t know why we’re attracted to the things we are. Or what makes a woman attractive physically? If you were asked to pin down why exactly you’re drawn to a woman, you’d probably find yourself struggling to list the reasons.

Why is that the way her lips curl up when she smiles makes a guy’s heart skip a beat? Why can’t he stop admiring the way her hair sits on the nape of her neck? And why do men feel that pull toward certain women more than the others? Did you know that men subconsciously assess a woman for good health and fertility? Yes, the little things guys find attractive in women are subconsciously rooted in their assessment of her as a potential mate.

All you women out there, next time, ditch the chocolate-covered strawberry in bed and whip out an avocado salad. When it comes to what do guys look for in a woman’s appearance, science has its own answers based on fertility and health. If you ask a guy that same question, we’re quite sure he’s not going to use the words ‘fertility’ and ‘health’.

Seducing a man is not that hard. But what about when you want to leave him awestruck? That’s when knowing what men find irresistible in women comes in handy. We’re here to help you out with a list of 13 features that make a woman attractive physically.

13 Female Physical Features That Attract A Man Immensely

The best features of a woman is a hotly debated topic. Millions of magazines tell you what to wear and just how to pull it off. Influencers, fashion shows, celebrities, all look to find the next big thing in fashion. But is that new dress from the high-end fashion store what makes a woman attractive to a man?

Every once in a while, a Marilyn Monroe pops up and unites men in common admiration like no social or political cause will be able to. It’s perhaps the closest we’d ever come to find a unanimous answer to what do guys find most attractive in women. But other than that, if you ask around, you might get varying and even confusing answers to this question.

Of course, when it comes to beauty, there’s definitely more than what meets the eye. True beauty lies on the inside, but today we’re just focusing on physical features that men find irresistible. So, what exactly do guys look for in a woman’s appearance? Let’s decode that mystery by understanding what makes a woman attractive to a man:

What makes a woman attractive to a man?
What really makes a woman attractive?

1. The first thing men notice about a woman…her eyes!

Among the things guys find attractive in a woman, her eyes top the list. Yes, the first thing men notice about women isn’t what you were expecting it to be. Myth buster: Most times when a guy looks at you the first thing he thinks about isn’t sex. It’s whatever your eyes can tell him.

One of the best features of a woman is her eyes. No, blue eyes don’t take the top spot here as men seem to admire all eyes regardless of the color. Oh, and the eye makeup won’t really do much for guys, since they can’t even tell the difference between eyeliner and mascara. No guy truly understands why they are two different things.

So, what is it about a woman’s eyes that draws a man to them? The answer lies in the expressiveness and depth. If your eyes have that inexplicable hint of intensity, men around you may have a hard time looking away.

2. Strictly for childbearing assessment: your hips

The first thing that guys look at may be the eyes, but that’s only if they’re not looking at you from behind. It may sound like the weird things guys find attractive in women at first, but if you really give it some thought, it isn’t that weird after all.

Scientifically, a low waist to hips ratio (waist narrower than hips) has been considered one of the best features of a woman. Men subconsciously relate wider hips to better fertility and the biological wiring goes nuts. So that’s why men check out the butt. Purely for scientific reasons (wink, wink).

Studies claim that a waist to hip ratio of 0.7 is what guys look for in a woman’s appearance. We are yet to find someone who does not agree with these findings.

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3. That 10/10 smile

If you’re wondering what do guys find most attractive because, despite your best efforts, you haven’t been able to catch the attention of that special someone you’re crushing hard on, it may be time to flash your best smile at him more often. Among the various little things guys find attractive in women, this one is a no-brainer really.

Just think about it: would you rather go talk to a person who’s all smiles or someone who looks like their aunt just asked them why they’re still single? Yeah, smiles attract people. A healthy set of teeth coupled with a warm welcoming smile attracts a man to a woman sexually.

What’s more, guys find friendliness attractive in a girl’s personality. Make him fall for you with that smile. If the smile was the result of something funny the man said, that smile then becomes the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Women who give men an inviting smile are the kind of girls guys like most.

4. Your hair signifies a lot

Speaking of the physical features that men find most attractive, your hair is right up there. Long and healthy hair is associated with good health and feminine qualities, which makes a woman more attractive physically. Those hair spas might not be a wasteful indulgence, after all.

So, if you’ve been contemplating whether or not to put your hair under the knife again, it may be a good idea to hold off and stop drooling over those long bob photos on Pinterest.

There is no real winner in the debate of which hair color attracts a man to a woman sexually the most, claims this study. It comes down to personal preference. Traditionally, however, blonde women have had a slight edge when it comes to them being approached in a bar.

spice it up

5. Scent of a woman

More important than any kind of makeup you can put on is the scent you go with. Most men wouldn’t be able to pick out an eye shadow from a blush, but the perfume you go for can have lasting effects. Men will find you attractive if you smell nice.

If you have a signature fragrance and a man smells something similar somewhere, you’ll be the first thing that comes to his mind. Neat, right? There’s a reason why perfume advertisements have been using lust as a selling point since forever. Smelling nice is associated with better hygiene and those are the kind of girls guys like most.

Studies even show that men can be attracted to the natural scent of some women. Yep, natural scent definitely sounds like one of those weird things guys find attractive. So, the weirdness of it notwithstanding, the question is: how to nail that natural scent? Pro tip: applying a mild citrusy body mist just after a shower is a great way to create the semblance of an invigorating natural scent.

6. A few notes higher: Your voice

We already mentioned how a warm inviting smile makes women attractive physically. But what do guys think is cute in a woman? Well, when that warm smile is paired with a high-pitched voice, you have yourself a winning equation. Traditionally, men have been known to be attracted to women with higher-pitched voices.

For the sake of everyone’s sanity, it’s important to mention that high-pitched doesn’t equal shrill. Play the voice of Janice from FRIENDS in your head and re-read that sentence, and you’d get exactly what we mean. (Oh. My. GODDDD, nope, not attractive).

Digs aside, a high-pitched voice attracts men because it is associated with feminine qualities, youth and hence, attractiveness. Studies also show that men also like the kind of girls whose voice sounds like their own too. Talking, in the same manner, makes forming a bond easier.

7. Go easy on the makeup

What makes a woman attractive physically? As we’re discovering, there is no singular answer to that question. But there is one for what dents a woman’s attractiveness to a man – a face painted with makeup. Studies have found that women often overestimate the volume of makeup men prefer. Be it for themselves or to attract someone sexually, women apply makeup in hopes to make themselves look more desirable.

However, it is generally agreed and backed up by studies that men prefer a modest amount of makeup on women. Women who do not apply a lot of makeup attract men toward them sexually. An almost natural, no-makeup look is associated with good health and lets your natural skin shine through. No-makeup look is attractive, more than you know.

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8. Another one strictly for science: The breasts

Yes, folks you heard it here first, it appears the breasts are one of the physical features that men find most attractive. In other news: water is wet. In fact, it could unarguably also be the answer for what do guys find most attractive in women. Men prefer bigger breasts when it comes to size, but what most matters is the overall figure.

A waist slimmer than the breasts is the driving factor behind what makes a woman attractive physically to men. The breasts are subconsciously connected with fertility in the male mind. Accentuated breasts and a thin waist are what men find irresistible. Purely for scientific reasons, of course.

9. A sense of humor

We know, not exactly a physical feature but it is what guys actually find attractive in women. And that’s why a sense of humor deserves a special mention here. What guys find attractive in a girl’s personality is how inviting and friendly she is. A warm persona with inviting body language can subconsciously make people feel happier around them. A sense of humor makes it easier for men to trust women and connect with them. 

There’s nothing that makes a woman attractive physically more than a charming sense of humor. Once men know they can hit it off with a female and go back and forth with the jokes, they start dreaming of a future with them. Keeping a conversation going is one of the sexiest things you can do with a man. 

10. Do guys care about height?

Not the most important factor in what makes a woman attractive physically to men, but it’s definitely something men consider. Men prefer women who are a little shorter than them, but not too short. A low waist to hip ratio with a fairly tall height always attracts a man to a woman sexually. 

No, being taller than the man is not an instant turn off but some men prefer their women to be shorter than them. It’s all fun and games when you slip into your heels till the guy realizes they make you taller than him.

11. How your legs attract men

Long, toned legs have been a sign of good health and attractiveness since kingdom come. Legs proportionate to a woman’s height make her immediately attractive physically. Even if the female is not necessarily tall, having longer legs as compared to her torso will make her more appealing to a man.

Shapely legs are what men find irresistible in women. You know what that means: no more snoozing on leg day. Squats are your new best friends.  

12. What your lips say about you

Lips are one of the best features of a woman
Does he notice your lips?

Part of Angelina Jolie’s appeal was her lips, unsurprisingly. Having thick and fuller lips makes a woman physically more appealing, and is one of the features men find most attractive in a woman.
Since the color red has been associated with lust and inciting such feelings in men, red lipstick is the shade of choice of most women looking to attract men. 

A breathy voice like Marilyn Monroe’s, lips donned with red lipstick, will leave men sweating. Throw a lip bite into the mix and we’ll have a murder on our hands.  He won’t be able to stop himself from thinking about kissing you.

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13. Overall hygiene

Good hygiene, fitness, youthfulness and attractiveness are all traits men notice in a woman immediately. As mentioned before, men will subconsciously assess women for their child-bearing capabilities. The healthier she is, the better.

The natural scent of a woman was mentioned as a turn-on for men, but that can only be so if the woman has a healthy diet and exercises regularly. Throw healthy shiny hair and a proportionate body in the mix, and you have the ideal combination that makes a woman extremely attractive to men. Taking care of yourself is one of the best features of a woman.

To wrap it up, what makes a woman attractive physically is how comfortable she is in her skin. A killer smile with an attractive and inviting personality will do more for you than makeup ever did. Loving yourself, being comfortable with what God gave you and having stellar confidence will make you attractive to a man. Don’t be too worried about the perfect height or the perfect ratio. The whole world doesn’t have to fall in love with you, just the one special person.

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