We don’t object to this Stars Hollow easter egg.

Fans of 2003’s Legally Blonde 2 might remember the iconic pink polka dog carrier that Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) used to carry her furry friend Bruiser as she traveled throughout Washington D.C. As it turns out, a similar bag was used a few months later in a season 4 episode of Gilmore Girls, where Kirk (Sean Gunn) is seen carrying a stylish pink dog carrier while he watched over Buster, his girlfriend Lulu (Rini Bell‘s) pet.

If Gilmore Girls fans didn’t pick up on this Legally Blonde 2 reference, not to worry: Valerie Campbell—who worked in the costume department of Gilmore Girls from 2001 to 2007—has your back. She’s here to explain that the bag choice wasn’t entirely a coincidence.

“I think that was an Easter egg that you were meant to know when you watched Gilmore Girls the first time around,” she shared in a March 4 TikTok. “That bag is so iconic in that movie that there is no way that we just randomly used it.”

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