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One Couple from the “Teen Mom” franchise has fans wondering if there’s trouble brewing.

Some “Teen Mom” fans are speculating there may be trouble in one franchise couple’s marriage, although the pair seemed to clap back at the latest rumors on social media. Is it possible that Ashley Jones and her husband, Bariki Smith, are in the midst of a rough patch in their marriage? That’s what some fans started wondering after noticing some recent social media activity.

Jones and Smith secretly got married in 2022, but they have been planning a wedding with friends and family in attendance. In fact, Jones just opened up to People on March 10 to share some details regarding the plans in place for the September 30 event. Have those plans imploded in the days since the “Teen Mom 2” star gushed over her husband and upcoming wedding celebration? The two have had their ups and downs throughout their Relationship, having split at least once before, as The Sun detailed in 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Jones & Bariki Smith’s Instagram Pages May Signal Trouble

The “Teen Mom Fanz” Instagram page shared details on the speculation on March 21. The caption of the post suggested there had been a few “clues” spotted on social media that suggested Smith and Jones may have hit a rough patch in their relationship. The main issue some people noticed was regarding the Instagram pages for the two “Teen Mom 2” stars. It was noted couple had unfollowed one another on Instagram, and as of this writing, Smith and Jones do not show up as followers of one another’s Instagram pages. In addition, Smith and Jones seemed to have cleaned up their Instagram pages of any photos of each other. Smith’s Instagram page currently shows no posts at all.

Jones’ Instagram page shows just under 100 posts right now. The “Teen Mom” couple’s daughter, Holly, is prominently featured in many of the posts, and Jones has posted a number of saucy photos of herself. However, there are currently no photos that include Smith. It appears that all of Jones’ posts are currently set to allow no comments, or only approved comments, as well.

The ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Suggest All Is Well Though

As “Teen Mom 2” fans buzzed over the changes Smith and Jones seem to have made on their Instagram pages, Instagram Stories from her mother were perceived by some to be hinting at trouble too. Smith’s mom, Tasheila Chapple, who is also known as “Pastor Tea” to viewers, shared several cryptic notes via her Instagram Stories on March 21. One slide read simply, “Some Men don’t grow up so thier (sic) women outgrow them,” and the next one read, “No productive person wants to be in a relationship with no communication, no compassion, no romance, no affection, no common goals towards life or drive to get there.” Pastor Tea also shared an Instagram Story that read, “And stop telling women to stay in these busted a** draining Relationships just to say they got a piece of man.” Later, Pastor Tea commented on the Teen Mom Fanz Instagram post and wrote, “Uhmmmm take me out of this. My subliminals are to my own husband.”

Smith commented on the same Instagram post around the same time. “Mmm crazy how this ain’t what is going on but y’all just went in on me in the comments.” Jones seemed to reply in her own way via her Instagram stories too. She shared a photo that appeared to feature her along with Smith, and she added text that read, “Start being fr y’all.” Are those responses enough to convince “Teen Mom” fans all is well with Jones and Smith after all? Despite some perceived signs that there might be trouble brewing in the pair’s relationship, it appears the couple is disputing that idea and fans will be watching to see what comes next.


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