Catelynn Baltierra


“Teen Mom” star Catelynn Baltierra got fans talking with her new Instagram post.

“Teen Mom” fans had a mixed reaction to Catelynn Baltierra‘s new post via Instagram Stories on March 21. Baltierra reposted a TikTok — originally created by Erica Taylor — about moving on from unhealthy Relationships.

“Nah, sis, we are good. I wish you the best, but we are not friends,” the quote says. “The way you made me the villain that I wasn’t kinda threw me off.”

“I get it. You needed someone to blame and project onto. But that’s not mine to carry and I finally realize that,” the message continues. “I wish you well. I hope you still eat, yeah. But my table has assigned seating now.”

Baltierra, 31, has been feuding with her younger sister, Sarah Haviland, since January. Haviland spoke out after Baltierra and their mother, April Brockmiller, appeared on season 2 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” together. During sit-downs with life coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant — who hosted the MTV retreat — Baltierra confronted Brockmiller about her alcoholism and how it affected her growing up. Parts of their complicated Relationship were shown during early episodes of “16 and Pregnant,” as well as “Teen Mom OG.”

Haviland claimed Baltierra only talked to Brockmiller when she needed help with her three children, 8-year-old Nova, 4-year-old Vaeda and 1-year-old Rya Rose.

“MTV shows what will give them viewers and clearly it works but you can’t judge someone from 14 years ago,” she wrote via TikTok. “The only time my sister talks to my mom is to babysit her kids which is often lol.”

“I don’t care what any one of you want to say I will ALWAYS stick up for my mother. MTV portrays her as s*** ALL the time for there own views,” Haviland wrote in a second TikTok video. “Take it how you want. If Cate wants to portray her so bad why does my mom always watching her kids, because clearly she’s not a s*** person like MTV portrays her to be.”

Haviland claimed Baltierra doesn’t have childhood trauma because she doesn’t have childhood trauma. “Catelynn had all this traumatizing PTSD and all this s**T growing up, OK? Well me and Catelynn are not that far apart. We’re four years apart, so if she has all this trauma from her childhood, wouldn’t I have that trauma?”she said in a since-deleted video, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Baltierra posted a video of her own, where she addressed Haviland’s claims.

“The b**** does not know she has trauma because she has never worked on her s***,” the “Teen Mom” star said during a TikTok live, according to The Sun. “She tries to act like, you know, everything is fake.”


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