Tamar Braxton recently revealed that she has a conflict with Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, and the situation continues to pop off online!

However, as Tamar comes for Kandi, the longtime The Real Housewives of Atlanta star denies the allegation that Todd threatened Tamar.

Tamar Says Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker Were The Bravolebs Who Threatened Her

The matter initially unfolded on Sunday evening’s broadcast of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. During Tamar’s appearance on the Bravo late night show, a viewer called in to inquire about a three-month-old Instagram Story upload in which Tamar hinted that she was “threatened by a [peach] and her man.”

Andy Cohen then attempted to get the scoop, and Tamar emphasized that the culprit is “a FULL Housewife.”

The host then began to throw out a Couple of names, and Tamar coyly confirmed that Kandi and Todd were the couple in question. However, Tamar didn’t share many other details and simply told Andy, “I’ll tell you the story later.”

Shortly after the episode aired and the clip began circulating on social media, Tamar took to Twitter to unapologetically add, “The fact is Kandi & Todd wanted to fight me!!” She also noted that there were witnesses and proclaimed, “The facts are the facts.”

Tamar Dishes On The Matter & Comes For Kandi Burruss’ Vocal Abilities

Later, Tamar further spoke on the drama and shared that the root of the issue lies with how Braxton handled Kandi’s allegation about Carlos King stealing the rights to tell Xscape’s life story. Specifically, Tamar says she wasn’t “comfortable publicly calling someone else a liar without knowing the legit facts.”

Eventually, Tamar says that Kandi confronted her about her stance after running into each other backstage at a concert, and the matter escalated to the point that Kandi allegedly said she would go “to the next level.”

She also alleges that Todd Tucker eventually got involved by getting in Tamar’s face and saying, “You know what it is.”

The situation didn’t stop there, as Kandi seemingly suggested that Tamar was playing the victim, though Tamar was unfazed and doubled down on her comments. She also made a post that accused Kandi of trying to “deflect and condone her man’s behavior,” which Tamar called “abusive and disrespectful.”

Despite proclaiming that she was “DONE talking about it,” we have to note that Tamar stepped into The Shade Room and threw a jab amid the ongoing tension between Xscape and SWV by calling Kandi “the most non-singing a** person in the entire music industry.”

Kandi Briefly Denies Tamar’s Allegation

Currently, the most recent development in the matter is Kandi denying the allegation during her Amazon Live.

“The only thing I’ll say right now is, simply, that’s not true. My husband never said nothing to her. He did not threaten her.”

Before suggesting that she may address the matter more in depth later, Kandi also noted, “She and I did have words, but he didn’t!”

“Some people like to twist things a little bit, but we could talk about that later on a different platform.”

What are your thoughts on the situation between Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss?

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