While most people tend to keep quiet about their crushes and sexual fantasies, some celebrities aren’t shy about telling the world who they want to have Sex with.

Case in point? Back in 2017, former America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon released a bizarre YouTube video of himself revealing that he should hook up with Miley Cyrus.

“Motherf–ker went from NBC to the internet,” Nick said in the now-deleted first episode of his web series. “That don’t [sic] seem like an upwardly mobile move? … I turned down millions of dollars. I have moved on to bigger and better things, like my mixtape.”

The brashness only intensified from there. While playing Remy Ma‘s diss track “shETHER,” directed toward Nicki Minaj, he specifically highlighted the verse about Miley, yelling, “Yo, Miley, what’s good? I should f–k Miley Cyrus.”

He then brought a doll into the frame that resembled Nicki, saying, “I love Nicki Minaj. I love her to death,” while stroking the doll’s backside. “You still rich and that’s all that matters.”

In 2015, Khloé Kardashian played a round of “F–k, Marry or Friend-Zone” with her team and posted the results via her website. The subjects of her post — under the raunchy headline, “Just the Tip: A New Twist on a Classic Game” — included the most recent U.S. presidents and some Disney princes.

“You guys know the game ‘F–k, Marry, Kill, right?” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum asked fans. “I recently played a version of this with my team, and they came up with an awesome new twist: “F–k, Marry, Friend-Zone! Here’s who I picked. Do you agree?”

The first round of the reality star’s game included comedians Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler. “I’d friend-zone Chelsea because we’re good friends in real life and I love her!!!” the mom of one, who shares daughter True with ex Tristan Thompson, shared. “I’d marry Tina Fey because she seems like she’d be a good wifey. And I’d definitely f–k Sarah Silverman. She’s smoking hot, haha!”

And if you think that’s shocking, just wait until you see the rest of these candid sex confessions from other famous stars. Scroll through the gallery to see which celebs have admitted they want to get between the sheets with other famous people.

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