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Singer KeKe Wyatt Reveals That Her 11th Child Is Hospitalized For Pneumonia In His Lung

KeKe Wyatt and her baby seem to be having a rough week.

On Thursday (Mar. 30) singer KeKe Wyatt, born Ke’Tara Shavon Wyatt, took to Instagram to announce that her baby boy, Pregnant-with-baby-11/”>Ke’Zyah Jean, is currently hospitalized with pneumonia. Sitting beside her baby boy who appeared to be getting assistance breathing through a tube, KeKe Wyatt shared:

“Wanna give you guys and update. An update on the baby.”

She continued:

“He has pneumonia.”

She added:

“Pneumonia in his left lung. So y’all just keep him in your prayers. Will be greatly appreciated.”

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The 41-year-old vlogged her trip with her son in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Wyatt revealed that EMT workers were contacted due to her son acting “weird,” also sharing that he wouldn’t wake up. Despite his health scare, he seemed to be doing fine in the hospital bed during his ambulance ride.

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Wyatt is a mother of 11 children. As previously reported, the television personality welcomed her 11th child, Ke’Zyah Jean, last summer with her second husband  Zackariah Darring. In Dec. 2001, when she released her debut R&B single with Avant, she gave birth to their first child Keyver Wyatt Morton a year prior. Wyatt claimed she always had dreams of raising a big family. The songwriter said:

“I always said when I was a little girl, I wanted a lot of children. I used to say ‘mommy, I’m going to have between eight and ten. Well, I’m at 11 so….”

Reportedly, the entertainers children come from three different marriages. She welcomed three children with Rahmat Morton – who she was married to from 2000-2009 – four children with Michael Ford – who she married from 2010-2017 – and two with Zachariah Darring who she’s been married to for five years.

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