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Shaquille O’Neal had the sports world concerned on Sunday when he posted a shot of him hooked up to a few IVs while lying back in a hospital bed. “I’m always watching [Ernie Johnson] and [Candace Parker],” he wrote. “Miss Y’all.” Without any further explanation, people from Roy Hibbert (“You good, big man?”) to Steve Smith (“Get Well Big Fella”) sent love his way while wondering what put Shaq, 51, in the hospital in the first place. The NBA champion shed some light on his condition on Mar. 20, saying he had a hip replacement.

“To all the people who are concerned,” Shaq began the caption of his Instagram message. “First, let me start off by saying, ‘thank you.’ And lastly, I am fine. Just had to get some BBL [Brazilian butt lift] work done, aka #hipreplacement.” Shaq’s animated gif showed his backside bouncing better than a basketball to further drive home the joke. “But, yes,” he added, “I am fine. No need to worry.”

“Welp. Can’t unsee that,” one fan joked on Shaq’s bootylicious IG post. “Cheekquille O’Neal,” said another. “We need a dislike button,” joked sports broadcaster Kristen Ledlow. “Good to know, bro the Hips Don’t Lie right, [Shakira]?” joked Shaq’s former teammate Rick Fox.

There was a hint that Shaq was getting a bionic hip from Jeannine Edwards. The former ESPN/ABC sportscaster commented on Shaq’s original message. “Feel better, my friend! I just had my hip replaced one month ago. Back in the gym for two weeks…. full steam ahead!” she wrote.

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Shaq recently had some fans grabbing their stomachs after he made good on the bet. Shaq made a wager with his Ernie Johnson over the University of Georgia – Texas Christian University football game. If the Bulldogs beat the TCU Horned Frogs, Shaq said he would eat a frog. Since Georgia came through – 65-7 – EJ served up his NBA On TNT cohost a plate of frog legs.

Technically, they were Cuisses de Grenouille, a traditional French dish of fried frog legs. “I’m a man of my word,” said Shaq before digging in. “I just want to let you all know these frog legs are good. These are the best frog legs I done had ever,” he said with a piece of frog in his teeth. “You didn’t think I was going to do it, did you?” Hopefully, he didn’t get too addicted. He wouldn’t want to add on that 40 lbs. he just lost.

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