Sarah Snook still finds it a “shock and surprise” that she married Dave Lawson.

Sarah Snook is still amazed by her marriage

Sarah Snook is still amazed by her marriage

The ‘Succession’ actress had been friends with the comedian for six years before their relationship turned romantic amid the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and she admitted they still get a “kick” out of how things have turned out for them.

Sarah – who recently revealed she is Pregnant – told the Telegraph magazine: “It’s still such a shock and surprise for us really, and we still get a kick out of it…

“We got stuck in a house together and we just sort of fell in love and amidst all the chaos of the world outside, we realised how much fun we were having despite that.”

Being in lockdown also meant the 35-year-old star got to see the “vulnerable” side of Dave for the first time and they were able to have deep and difficult conversations.

She added: “Also I saw some vulnerability in him that I’d never seen – because we’d just not been in those circumstances before, we’d never shared hard times, it’s always been buoyant times – and we found that we actually worked well together with all those difficult conversations about what’s going on in the world, how to navigate?

“And he’s got a kid, so how do you parent together, and all those kinds of things.”

Sarah proposed to Dave on Halloween of 2020 and they married in a low-key ceremony the following February.

She said of their wedding: “[There was] just my housemates and the celebrant and a photographer, and a friend and partner who were our witnesses.

“[I wore my] Blunnies (boots) – and black pants, a black shirt I got in London from some high-street store and a really lovely vintage Chloé velvet jacket, which ended up looking amazing as it was snowing in the background.”

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