What a man gotta do to get this ball pit back in its bag?

Nick Jonas was trying to answer that very question and recently shared a video of himself attempting to pack up a pop-up ball pit that had been enjoyed by his and Priyanka Chopra‘s 14-month-old daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas.

“OK, so I’m trying to figure out how to get this, which is a ball pit my daughter plays in, to fold up in this bag,” the singer, 30, said in a March 30 TikTok. “Here we go.”  

However, it clearly was no easy feat, and Nick looked like he was almost ready to send an S.O.S. As he wrote alongside a clip of himself typing on his phone, “Not me googling how to fold up a ball pit.”

Still, the Jonas Brothers member remained determined and documented his progress as the group’s new song “Waffle House” played in the background. And while Nick nearly finished the job by getting the ball pit back in the bag, the zipper on the tote broke at the end.

“No!” he wrote. “We were so close!”

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