Naomi Watts has always been open about her experiences with hormonal changes and encourages all women to be confident in their own skin. In fact, she’s been an advocate for positive change in this arena for over 40 years!

Watts just posted a fantastic side-by-side image on her Instagram. On the left, we see a throwback photo from a tampon commercial she did as a teenager with the caption “When can I start using tampons?” On the right appears a photo of the actress in a similar pose, asking a similar question about Lubricant.

Watts, 54, asked in the post, “Why is it that we can talk about periods and puberty with ease, but when it comes to Menopause, and yes, dryness… we all get a little skittish…. I created this post in an attempt to capture a woman’s hormonal bookends.”

However, as women age, so do their bodies. For far too long, menopause has been a taboo topic, but Watts wants to change that. In reference to the current-day photo of herself, Watts said, “[This] is a take on what it could look like if we tackled midlife hormonal challenges with the same kind of boldness.”

The actress is no stranger to hormonal changes in midlife. In fact, Watts experienced perimenopause in her 30s and was shocked to find a lack of resources and community on the topic.

She decided to do something about that by talking openly about her experience. As she said in the post, “When it comes to the ‘adult version’ of hormonal changes we’re thrust into the shadows of secrecy and shame… with a total lack of information, plus misinformation!”

But the actress is more than just talk. In fact, Watts founded Stripes, a company that believes that menopause isn’t a dirty word. The brand offers resources, education, and most importantly, a community to women who are experiencing perimenopause and menopause.

After all, as Watts pointed out, “More than 1 billion people worldwide will be menopausal by 2025.” That’s a lot of people who can support one another and break the stigma of menopause.

We’re thrilled to see Watts come full circle from promoting period protection as a teen to providing resources and a place for women to openly talk about menopause. It’s a cause we’re eager to get behind.

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