Matt Damon is wearing his heart on his skin.

The Interstellar actor recently received new ink on his bicep in honor of his late father Kent Damon, who died December 2017 at age 74. The tattoo is a cursive lettering that spells “Nomad,” as seen in an Instagram reel shared by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter.

“For his late father, we tattooed NOMAD which was his fathers boat and also says DAMON backwards!” the tattoo artist captioned the March 20 post. “Pretty rad tattoo with so much meaning!”

The tribute comes more than five years after Kent, a former stockbroker, passed away amid long battle with cancer. In 2011, Matt revealed Kent had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that affects the plasma cells in bone marrow.

Since the diagnosis, Matt has helped fundraise for cancer research and treatment, as well as raise awareness over the medical condition, according to The Boston Globe.


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