MARRIED At First Sight star Marilyse Corrigan has split from Matt Murray.

The pair, who both appeared on the reality show but in different series, starting Relationship-tv-show/”>Dating last year and appeared to be head over heels.

Matt and Marylise have called time on their romance


Matt and Marylise have called time on their romanceCredit: Instagram
The pair hit it off - despite being in different years


The pair hit it off – despite being in different yearsCredit: Instagram

But this week Marilyse, 38, told fans it was over – sharing: “I’ve received multiple messages asking if Matt and I are still together.

“Out of respect to you guys and the support you’ve given us, of course it’s only fair to be clear. So the answer to this is no we are no longer together anymore but I do wish Matt all the best for his future.”

Matt, 32, also addressed the break up, saying: “A lot of you over the past Couple of weeks have asked questions about me and Marilyse being together or not and have we split up, are we still together.

“As a lot of you have probably just seen on Marilyse’s story no we are not together anymore. We decided to leave it there.

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“We are maybe just a little too different. But again I just wish Marilyse all the best in the future. It just is what it is.”

The Sun first revealed in October that Matt and Marilyse had found love – leaving fans shocked.

During his time on the show last year Matt had been initially partnered up with Gemma, but dumped her for another bride, Whitney.

Marilyse appeared on the show in 2021 and wed wed Franky Spencer but it wasn’t too last.

Speaking shortly after getting together, Matt – who got on well with Marilyse’s sons – gushed: “For me, the future of our relationship is extremely bright.

“Sometimes, the more and more you learn about somebody, the more it puts you off, but this has gone the opposite way. We’re just clicking.

“It’s like having your best friend and your partner in one person.”

Matt ended up with Whitney on the show


Matt ended up with Whitney on the showCredit: Eroteme
Marilyse married Franky but it didn't last


Marilyse married Franky but it didn’t lastCredit: Channel 4


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