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Teresa Giudice previously told her co-stars that she’d rather have Margaret Josephs as a friend than an enemy, and on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Margaret bugged out after learning that information. Well, Rachel Fuda first told Margaret the information last week at Dolores Catania‘s softball event, but Margaret was reminded of it this week after Danielle Cabral regurgitated the information to Rachel during a shopping trip ahead of Melissa Gorga‘s luau party.

Danielle told Rachel that Margaret’s ex-BFF Laura Jensen told Jennifer Aydin and Teresa that Margaret has information on everyone locked and loaded, and she just waits for the right moment to drop those bombs. When Rachel asked for examples, Danielle brought up Bill Aydin‘s Affair and the rumors about Luis Ruelas that were shared last season. But Rachel wasn’t convinced — she said she likes to judge people based on her own experiences with them.

And later at Melissa’s party, Rachel told Margaret that Danielle was saying the same stuff that Jennifer and Teresa had been saying about her last week. So Margaret thought Melissa’s party was a good place to confront the ladies, but Teresa wasn’t having it. As soon as Margaret questioned Teresa, Teresa did what she normally does and pretended to be innocent. She said her words were taken out of context, and then she turned to Rachel and accused her of trying to start trouble between her and Margaret. Rachel said she was just sharing the information she was told, and it should be the person who said the information that faces the consequences. But Teresa continued to defend what she said by saying what she truly meant was that if anyone in the group was targeted, they’d lash out, so they’re all the same. Margaret reluctantly agreed before saying, “Historically, I haven’t really done anything that bad to anybody”. Teresa rolled her eyes a bit and then they both shared a laugh.

Later at the party, Teresa and Luis struggled seeing eye to eye on the wedding invite list. Teresa still felt strongly about not inviting Melissa’s mom to the wedding — the woman who said she no longer holds grudges against anyone said she never got over Melissa’s family trash-talking her on Twitter more than 10 years ago — but Luis felt differently. He actually told Teresa that he went behind her back and apologized to Melissa’s mom, Donna Marco, for all the drama surrounding Teresa not extending an invite to her. Teresa wasn’t happy that Luis went behind her back and did that, so she passive aggressively told him that if he wanted to invite Donna to the wedding he could. So he went around the party looking for Donna, but she had already left, so he wasn’t able to extend an invite to her after all.

Finally, Danielle reached her breaking point when accusations about her family circulated throughout the party. Jackie Goldschneider theorized that Danielle’s feud with her brother goes beyond an Instagram block — she said she believes Danielle is hiding the truth from the group. Danielle overheard Jackie saying this and became so upset that she stormed out of the party and dragged Teresa and Jennifer along with her.

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