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Love After Lockup

‘Love After Lockup’ Derek’s Transgender Sister’s Bold Move To Send Him Back To Prison

The drama continues to heat up between Love After Lockup stars Monique Robinson, her boyfriend Derek Warner, and transgender sister, Elizabeth.

Love After Lockup

The offscreen drama has escalated to new heights, after the March 10 episode aired which featured a violent altercation between Monique, her sisters, and Derek’s siblings — Elizabeth and Aubryanna.

Love After Lockup

Following the episode’s broadcast, Elizabeth went on Instagram Live and shared her intentions of reporting her brother’s supposed probation violations to send him back to prison.

Love After Lockup

According to Elizabeth, Monique obtained her baby photos, naked pictures, and medical records — then posted them on social media. In the video, Elizabeth stated that she’s taking this action in response to the breach of privacy.

Love After Lockup

The baby photo reveal created a firestorm in Elizabeth’s world because the photos show Elizabeth as her biological gender — which is male. Elizabeth was highly offended.

Love After Lockup

In addition, Elizabeth claims that since the fight, Monique and her sisters have been working overtime to get her social media accounts suspended. 

Press play below to watch Elizabeth blast her brother.

The situation has left fans of the show stunned, with many expressing their shock and disbelief on social media. Some have accused Elizabeth of being overly controlling and using her brother’s past mistakes as a way to manipulate him.

Love After Lockup

Despite the drama, Derek and Monique’s Relationship appears to be going strong, with the Couple continuing to make public appearances despite Elizabeth’s threats. As the season progresses, fans will be watching to see whether Derek can stand up to his sister and maintain his relationship with Monique.

Love After Lockup

As reported, Monique Robinson and her boyfriend, Derek Warner, have been fired from the WEtv reality series, according to Elizabeth, who claims the couple is no longer filming due to their constant quarreling.

Watch Love After Lockup on Fridays, at 9 p.m. ET, on WE tv.


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