The following story has not been corroborated.

Take it with a grain of salt the size of Jim Bob Duggar’s ego and, remember, the name of this website is The Hollywood Gossip.

It is our job to pass along speculation and to publish rumors — not as facts, but as entertaining and occasionally useful pieces of information to a curious reader base.

With that said, here we go:

According to Without a Crystal Ball — a well-known blogger who has a popular YouTube account and nearly 100,000 Facebook friends — Josh Duggar has found “love” while an inmate in federal prison.

Via a social media post this week, the aforementioned account Duggar was allegedly using the cell phone that got him in trouble “to not only call his wife Anna but to also call his boo in another building.”

Yes, Duggar is supposedly carrying on a relationship with a fellow inmate.

Without a Crystal Ball is relying on the loved one of an individual who is serving time at this same facility for this report.

The blogger claims Duggar “has found happiness with a transgender (male to female) inmate that is scheduled for release in 2034, alleging it has even seen photos of this person.

Duggar has been very open with his feelings and his behavior, which has seemingly upset others serving time in Seagoville.

The source, meanwhile, also alleges that a rumor of Josh Kissing a male visitor on the lips has been circulating the around the prison.

“Josh is a pervert, nasty, and he will do whatever to get his needs met,” the source said, as you can see in the Facebook snippet above.

The father of seven was convicted in December 2021 of downloading explicit material of children under the age of 12 from his workplace computer.

He and his lawyers tried to argue in court that a co-worker of Josh’s at the used car establishment where he worked was actually the culprit — but a jury of Duggar’s peers did not believe this story.

It now appears as if Duggar has not changed his disgusting ways, as this stunning report describes him as acting all “crass” behind bars and cracking “perverse jokes about Sex and women” that continually “creep out” anyone in his vicinity.

Josh Duggar smiles in one of his many, many mug shots.

Previously, we quoted an article by our friends at The Ashley Reality TV Roundup that confirmed Josh had been in solitary confinement with a transgender inmate.

But that he was recently released back into general population.

Without a Crystal Ball, however, is now writing that Duggar remains in the SHU.

It also alleges that Duggar has a reputation for being “extremely messy and having terrible hygiene.”

Josh and Anna Duggar in happier times. (Photo via Instagram)

To be clear, this is simply a Facebook post that caught our attention.

Moreover, there’s nothing wrong with Kissing someone of your same gender or of having a relationship with a transgender individual.

But go back and read things Josh Duggar has said gay people and/or anyone in the LGBTQ community; we wouldn’t exactly label the guy as tolerant.

So… if he really has struck up any kind of romance with a transgender inmate? Based on his alleged viewpoints over the many years he’s been in the spotlight?

big josh
Josh Duggar won’t be taking any selfies for a very, very long time. (Photo via Instagram)

It would make Duggar quite the hypocrite.

Which would be the least surprising thing of all-time.


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