Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez ​


Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez.

For Jonathan Knight and his husband, Harley Rodriguez, distance only makes the heart grow fonder. The HGTV star opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how his shooting schedule impacts his marriage.

The Couple has to deal with “not seeing each other for weeks and weeks and weeks,” Knight explained to the publication. But, according to Entertainment Tonight, it only makes their reunion “that much sweeter.”

The 54-year-old has been busier than ever, touring with New Kids on the Block and filming for HGTV. He and designer Kristina Crestin renovate historic New England farmhouses on “Farmhouse Fixer.” They have teamed up for season 4 of “Date/”>Rock the Block.”

“I’m about to turn 54, and I would have never thought in my 20s that at 54, I’d still be touring with the New Kids, and I would have a hit TV show on HGTV,” he previously told Entertainment Tonight.

Jonathan Knight Revealed He Secretly Wed in 2022

Knight revealed to Entertainment Tonight in 2022 that the former “Amazing Race” competitors secretly wed. The boy band singer opened up about their happy matrimony to Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s great,” he told the outlet. “We’ve been together 14 years. It’s nice to find love. We found each other later on in life, which makes it even better. We both understand each other.”

The longtime couple has been Dating since 2008. During a 2016 appearance on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show, Knight revealed the couple got engaged on an African safari with their mom’s present. McCarthy is married to Knight’s bandmate Donny Wahlberg.

While it was time to make it official, Knight told McCarthy, “We’ve always considered ourselves a married couple.”

Jonathan Knight & Kristina Crestin Declare ‘We’re Gonna Win’ Season 4 of ‘Rock the Block’

Knight and Crestin are showing off their competitive sides on “Rock the Block.” But he admitted to Entertainment Tonight that his initial reaction was fear. As he told the outlet, “I know a lot of HGTV people and before we did this, we called and they said, ‘It’s gonna be long hours, you’re gonna lose your voice, you’re gonna get no sleep.’”

While she initially thought “heck no,” Crestin admitted to Entertainment Tonight that she came around on the competition. As she told the outlet, “We were like, ‘It’s ‘Rock the Block.’ We’re gonna do it and we’re gonna win.’”

The series follows four new teams of HGTV stars as they transform identical houses, all in hopes of earning the highest appraisal value. Set in Berthoud, Colorado, each pairs will have “just six weeks and a budget of $250,000 to renovate four identical 5,000-square-foot properties—each valued at $1.9 million before the renovations begin—and transform them into luxurious homes that reflect their signature vision and stunning design style,” according to an HGTV press release.

This season’s other competitors are Bryan and Sarah Baeumler of “Renovation Island”; Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle of “Luxe for Less”; and Page Turner and Mitch Glew of “Fix My Flip.” Ty Pennington returned as host.

Knight told Entertainment Tonight that the experience was “amazing” and praised his “impressive” competitors. As he told the outlet, “We’re all just hanging out and being troupers together getting through this.”

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