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Joe Gorga

Joe Gorga Furious Over Inability to Scam Luis Ruelas Out of $250K 

Joe Gorga dished the real dirt on what happened between him and his sister, Teresa Giudice’s now-husband, Luis “Louie” Ruelas, during Tuesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

Joe Gorga

Joe Gorga has dissed Louie throughout the currently airing season, calling his future brother-in-law a “bad seed.” He also lashed out at Louie during a featured “guy’s night,” after hearing that his mother-in-law had not been invited to the Couple’s upcoming wedding.  

Joe Gorga

Fans were left in the dark about the details of the feud, until Joe, 43, offered an explanation during Tuesday’s episode — which was filmed ahead of Teresa and Louie’s wedding. 

“I don’t wanna bury my sister, but if she’s talking about it, I can’t lie,” Joe began in a confessional spot, revealing that a business deal went sideways, causing a rift between the Gorgas and Teresa and her future groom. 

“I told [Louie], ‘It’s my idea, it’s me and my sister, and we’ll honor my father, we’ll call it Nonno’s Pizza.’ He loved it,” Joe explained, pointing to the role that the siblings’ late father, Giacinto Gorga, played in the eatery’s concept. 

Joe Gorga

Giacinto Gorga died in April 2020, three years after his wife, Antonia, died after battling pneumonia, at the age of 66. 

The new family business never took off, due to the soured deal. 

[Louie] screwed me in a second,” Joe told Jackie and Evan Goldschneider, Jennifer Fessler, Margaret Josephs and her husband, Joe Benigno.

Melissa Gorga

Joe continued, in a personal interview. 

“My nephew, got him involved,” he told cameras. “Ordered these ovens, Louie puts the money in… I’m figuring I’m giving 50 percent to my sister, he was getting 50 percent. And then my nephew comes over to my house and goes, ‘Did you see the boxes were ordered?’ I go, ‘What boxes?’ He goes, ‘Your sister had a photoshoot with her and the girls, and they called it Skinny Pizza or something like that.’”

“When I find out, I call him and then Louie starts giving me some lip,” Joe continued. “My sister, out of nowhere goes, ‘Did you put the f—ing money up?’ I go, ‘What? You think I couldn’t put $200,000 up?’ I go, ‘It was my f—ing idea!’”

Teresa Giudice

Melissa teared up as Joe shared — “It got very ugly.”

He said — “My sister was saying, ‘This is why you don’t do business with family!’ Bulls—. You can do business with anyone if you go in with the trust and you’re not looking to cheat somebody.”

Melissa Gorga, 44, chimed in, adding — “I think she’s so selfish that she doesn’t wanna share. That’s what it comes down to. It’s the whole thing, I feel bad for [Joe]. I feel bad for everybody that it got to this point.”

Teresa Giudice

The reality star added in a confessional spot — “We were like, so hopeful for this new beginning with them. He was like, ‘They stole it from me.’ It was very sad because I feel like this guy has no one.”

The episode included Teresa telling her side of the story.  

“My brother came up with this idea for this pizza oven, he was like, ‘I want to do it with my sister,’ and Louie was like, ‘OK.’ He put out 250K, but then he spoke to our attorney and was like, ‘OK, what percentage should I give Joey?’” Teresa recalled. “And they came up with five percent, and my brother went nuts. He wanted 50 percent. And then I called my brother, I’m like, ‘He put out all the money, what are you doing? If you want half, you need to put half in.’ And he didn’t want to.”

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Teresa  noted that “Louie took the loss” after the business deal crashed and burned. 

“My fiancé lost a quarter of a million dollars,” Teresa told to Danielle and Nate Cabral and Jennifer and Bill Aydin. 

Louie tried to smooth things over with Melissa later in the episode, at Rachel Fuda’s party. 

“I wanna hold your hand when I say this,” he said. “This wedding has been beautiful, but it’s also been like bombs going off and your mother’s been nothing but beautiful and sweet and kind to me and my boys.”

“She was obsessed with you,” Melissa told Louie.

Teresa Giudice

Teresa tried to interject after telling Jennifer Fessler that “there is hatred between the whole family,” but Louie shut her down.

Teresa, you’re coming over here and ruining a moment between me and Melissa. I need you to respect our space,” he said. “I don’t care if God came down and said something to you. Teresa, it doesn’t matter what anybody is saying. You gotta respect that I’m here talking to your sister-in-law.”


Teresa and Melissa got into a back-and-forth over their issues, before Teresa advised her brother to seek help. 

“Go get therapy. You should,” Teresa told Joe. “Because maybe then we could be a happy family.”

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays, at 9 pm ET, on Bravo.


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