Jinger Duggar has been speaking her mind more than ever in recent months.

And while she’s always been a favorite among Duggar fans, Jinger’s candid comments have helped her gain a slew of new followers, many of whom had no interest in her family previously.

Of course, even non-Duggar fans are likely aware that the family’s media empire came crashing down when Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges back in 2021.

These days, Jinger is one of the only members of the family who’s willing to speak openly about the Josh situation, and fans have applauded her for doing so.

Jinger is speaking her mind like never before these days. And her parents might not like what she has to say. (Photo via Instagram)

Earlier this week, Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo sat for an interview with The Blaze’s Allie Beth Stuckey, where they spoke some more about the horror they experienced upon learning Josh’s crimes.

“It’s really hard to talk about that for one, but I see with my brother there has been — it is the same heart of going to these standards, putting up all of these outward things to make your heart look good before others and I think that is really why I wrote this book,” Jinger explained.

“In that time when my brother was about to be arrested I was looking at all of these and thinking, man the glory of God is just – it’s going to be dragged through the dirt because people think this is what it is.”

Jeremy went on to elaborate that both he and Jinger were fearful that Josh’s atrocities would give Christianity a bad name.

“He’s claimed to be a Christian and he’s had all these outward things that made him look good but when everything falls apart and no one saying anything, we have to speak out for the glory of God,” Vuolo said.

“So that’s where I thought, ‘We want to make a distinction between like putting on roles and what the heart of true Christianity is. We’re not going to come to God with anything, we’re not bringing our religion into this.’”

Jinger Duggar spoke on The Blaze’s show, Relatable, about her childhood and family. And yes, husband Jeremy Vuolo came up. (Image Credit: Facebook)

Elsewhere in the interview, Jinger opened up about the highly oppressive culture in which she was raised.

“[There was] talk about purity about keeping yourself pure. Almost viewing talking about Sex with your kids, all of that at appropriate ages, and like about how your bodies are changing, that’s totally pushed out,” she said.

“There’s not even a healthy view of like, ‘OK, marriage is a gift from God. Within marriage you’re to be able to enjoy this.’ There’s such a focus on pushing out all of that as almost like evil.”

Jinger Duggar smiles very broadly in this sweet photo of the former reality star. (Photo via Instagram)

Jinger has not discussed her parents’ reaction to her book, but she admitted in this interview that she’s experienced considerable “pushback” as a result of her literary debut.

“You put something out there and you’re in a public place you know there’s gonna be pushback and there’s gonna be some people who hate it,” she told Stuckey.

“And so, I’ve experienced a little bit of that. But, like I said, more of it has been positive, which I was surprised how much positive feedback I’ve gotten.”

Jinger and Jeremy are catching a lot of flak for their first children’s book. (Photo via Instagram)

It’s possible that Jim Bob and Michelle haven’t even read their daughter’s book.

But you can be sure they’re not thrilled about her comments regarding Josh.

Thankfully, Jinger is no longer concerned about her parents’ disapproval.

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