GEORDIE Shore’s Marnie Simpson has married Casey Johnson today.

The 31-year-old got engaged to the father of her two children in 2020 and said ‘I do’ in star-studded ceremony after they were forced to cancel their first Date due to Covid.

Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson are now married


Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson are now married
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The loved up couple got engaged in 2020

The couple told OK!: “We’ve finally tied the knot – we’re over the moon!”

The hotly anticipated event was also filmed for TV, so fans will get a real insight into their special day.

A source told The Sun ahead of their nuptials: “The day is finally here and Marnie and Casey can’t wait to make it official.

“Some of Marnie’s Geordie Shore cast mates will be there and they are letting the cameras capture it all.”

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Casey and Marnie met on the show single AF in 2017.

They confirmed their Relationship just a few months after the show ended – a move that is against show rules but it didn’t seem to worry the smitten love-birds.

They welcomed their first son, Rox, on October 29 2019, and then a second baby boy, Oax, on 18 May 2022.

Marnie and Casey were originally going to marry in August 2021, but had to put their plans on the back burner.

She said at the time: “I’ve got no intention of getting married anytime soon. I’ve got enough stress on my plate.”

Over the last few weeks, Marnie has been getting herself wedding ready – as she had her lashes and baby botox done.

Casey hit the spotlight in 2014 after auditioning for The X Factor. The singer joined the band Union J in May 2016, but left just under a year later.

Marnie shot to fame when she joined the cast of Geordie Shore in 2013.

The couple share two children


The couple share two children


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