Omar Rudberg and his track ‘Mi Casa Su Casa’ is enjoying a bit of a viral moment on TikTok.

The Young Royals star has leant into the song’s rebirth by releasing an EP of new versions last week.

The four-track mini-album includes a sped-up version, a slow-mo version and a special Omar’s Edit as well as the original track.

As fans enjoy using the song online, we can’t help but feel it won’t be the first of Rudberg’s catalogue to find success again.

CelebMix looks at five other Omar Rudberg tracks that we’d love to see all over our For You page.


We have to start with ‘Mama’. The second track on Rudberg’s debut album is a heartfelt ode to his mother and everything she has done for him. Its lyrics are in both English and Spanish, paying homage to his Venezuelan roots and it’s a true tear-jerker. We see this trending with adorable TikTok edits of users with their mums.


Is this the best song on OMR? It’s certainly up there. ‘Breathe’ is like a sucker-punch of hope as Rudberg takes a step back to take it all in. Whether it be an edit with a best friend, cute Couple videos or tributes to a favourite celeb, this one has viral written all over it.

‘Simon’s Song’

Okay, we know this one had a bit of a moment already but we’d be absolutely here to see it all over our For You pages again. The Young Royals title song is an anthem for fans of the show who went hard with edits during its little viral moment last year. We think it can get even bigger.

‘Call Me By Your Name’

Rudberg’s single from earlier this year was really quite something. Its stripped-back verses give way to a huge chorus. It’s a ballad so, should it get its viral moment, it’s got to be one for the Lovers out there.

‘It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane’

The singer’s cover of ‘It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane’ by The Ark is actually his most streamed song on Spotify. The track takes on a completely new life with Rudberg’s trademark vocals and fresh production. This one has a really feel-good chorus so would be a gem for the dancers out there on social media.

Which Omar Rudberg song do you think needs to go viral next? Let us know @CelebMix on Twitter.

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