FERNE McCann has held back tears while revealing she and fiancé Lorri Haines suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage last year.

The former Towie star, 32, was seen opening up about her devastating baby loss in the latest episode of her reality show, Ferne McCann: First Time Mum.

Ferne McCann has revealed she suffered a miscarriage last year


Ferne McCann has revealed she suffered a miscarriage last yearCredit: ITV
The reality star said her fiance Lorri Haines 'found it really hard'


The reality star said her fiance Lorri Haines ‘found it really hard’Credit: ITV
Ferne was five weeks pregnant when she began bleeding


Ferne was five weeks pregnant when she began bleedingCredit: ITV

During a couples’ counselling session, Ferne – who is now pregnant again – said: “Very early on, I, I ummm, we had, we had a miscarriage as well.”

She then told the cameras: “I was five weeks and I started bleeding. I was devastated.”

Ferne explained how she scoured the internet looking for reassurance that she wasn’t losing her baby.

Sadly, she quickly came to the realisation that she was having an early miscarriage.

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Ferne added: “I was really, really upset. I think Lorri found it really hard to comprehend.”

Earlier this month, Ferne confirmed that she and 31-year-old Lorri are expecting another baby together.

The star is already mum to five-year-old daughter Sunday, who she had with her ex Arthur Collins. Lorri also has a son from a previous Relationship.

Later on in Wednesday night’s episode of ITV‘s First Time Mum and following the couples’ counselling scene, Ferne revealed that she had fallen pregnant again.

She and Lorri then had a chat in bed about having another baby following their miscarriage, which had happened two months’ previously.

Speaking of her pregnancy, Ferne told Lorri: “I wasn’t shocked because we had our miscarriage.

“Being pregnant again now and experiencing a miscarriage two months ago, I know that pregnancy wasn’t right in my soul.

“I know this is a healthy pregnancy.”

In next week’s episode, Ferne lets the cameras in to her first scan.

She is then seen telling her beloved Grandad Frank their happy baby news, while handing him an ultrasound picture.

Ferne says her current pregnancy feels 'healthy'


Ferne says her current pregnancy feels ‘healthy’Credit: ITV
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The couple each have a child from a previous relationshipCredit: ITV
First Time Mum viewers will be shown Ferne and Lorri's scan appointment next week


First Time Mum viewers will be shown Ferne and Lorri’s scan appointment next weekCredit: ITV


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