As we previously reported, both Drew and Ralph filed for divorce last week. In her filing, Drew said they had been separated since February 2023, “due to [Ralph’s] repeated uncondoned adultery.”

Her lawyer told the court Drew, “simply cannot take [Ralph’s] continued blatant disrespect and mental abuse any longer.”

In addition, she said, “[Ralph] has participated in extra-marital sexual relations with persons other than [Drew]. [Ralph] is a serial cheater and adulterer.”

“Such cruel treatment has actually persisted for the past Couple of years of the parties’ marriage but has accelerated and gotten progressively worse during the month of February 2023,” the petition read. Drew said she was close to filing for a restraining order against Ralph after a February 20, 2023 incident where she said he got “physically aggressive” with her.

Drew’s lawyer said, “[Ralph] grabbed her cell phone out of her hand on or about February 20, 2023, causing [Drew] to fall to the floor. [Ralph] literally peeled the phone out of [Drew’s] hand aggressively. When [Drew] begged for [Ralph] to give [Drew] her cell phone back, he screamed at [Drew] stating that he pays the cell phone bill; so, the phone belongs to him. [Drew] called 911, but no police ever showed up.”

He requested joint custody of their two minor children. He said the marriage was “irretrievably broken” with no hope for a reconciliation.

In his original petition, Ralph asked the court to kick Drew out of the Georgia mansion they shared. A judge has yet to rule.


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