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Teresa Giudice

‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Details Why Teresa Excluded Melissa’s Family From Her Wedding

Welcome back to a new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. First up, we see Gia Giudice as she tries to feed Teresa Giudice food as Joe Benigno cuts Margaret Josephs bagel. Meanwhile, Danielle Cabral is shopping with Rachel Fuda for all things glitter and gold for Melissa Gorga’s upcoming Luau party.

Teresa Giudice

Rachel’s enjoying her time with Danielle and the two seem to connect by being the newbies of the group. Danielle ask about Rachel’s kids and soon the conversation moves to where the ladies are staying at the Jersey Shore and that Danielle hasn’t been to the shore since she was twenty-five. Danielle tries to avoid the Jersey Shore because she was a hot mess back in the day. We know a party girl when we see it. 

Rachel then ask Danielle about Dolores Catania’s charity event and the conversation she had with Joe Gorga in the outfield. Joe and Danielle connect due to the issues they have with their siblings and Joe doesn’t want Danielle to give up resolving the Relationship with her  brother. Danielle tells Rachel she isn’t giving up but that she’s in a space of protecting herself. Danielle feels like Joe and Teresa have hop but that her issues with her brother is a lost cause. Danielle and Rachel can’t seem to find anything to wear as they discuss Danielle’s conversation with Margaret and her issues with Jennifer Aydin. Rachel doesn’t like that Teresa and Jennifer are warning them about Margaret, but Danielle seems to believe the worst about Margaret. 

Danielle Cabral

Danielle feels like Margaret’s too judgmental towards Jennifer and even brings up what Margaret’s ex-best friend said to Teresa and Jennifer. Rachel’s confused why Danielle’s coming so hard for Margaret, especially since Margaret’s been nothing but nice to Danielle. Rachel thinks Laura is locked and loaded and thinks Margaret is a woman scorned but Rachel is just as confused as the rest of us.

Rachel Fuda

Meanwhile, Teresa visits a jewelry store to look for gifts for her bridesmaids with Jennifer Aydin. The ladies are shopping at Jennifer’s cousin store and Jennifer wants Teresa to go big since Louie is paying LOL. Teresa tries on a few pieces as Jennifer ask about Teresa’s plans for her wedding day. 

Jennifer A calls Louie the MVP and soon the two are discussing the baseball game and Teresa seeing Joe for the first time. Teresa admits she was so happy to see Joe and wishes Melissa invited her and Louie to stay at their house for the Luau party. Jennifer feeds into it by validating Teresa’s claims and Teresa thinks she should be at the house besides Margaret. Jennifer believes Margaret has dirt on Melissa and for the sake of keeping the peace, the Gorga’s are team Margaret. SMH!

Jennifer Aydin

Later, Rachel’s packing for the shore as Nate Cabral helps Danielle pack. Melissa’s waiting for her outfit to arrive but she’s excited for all she has planned at the shore. Margaret’s showing her clothes off to Joe as Dolores packs while checking in with Paulie after his surgery. 

Dolores tells Paulie she’s staying with Rachel instead of with Frank Catania. Dolores is doing things differently but Frank’s being emotional about all the changes. Paulie thinks Frank needs boundaries, but Dolores isn’t worried about it. Jennifer’s showing off her sexy clothes to Bill Aydin as she suggest bringing their therapist along. Bill’s not playing when he tells Jennifer she sometimes says stupid, inconsiderate, hurtful things. Bill wants to fix the situation, but Jennifer’s stuck on the issues that are left unsaid. Bill wants to focus on the other persons feelings, but Jennifer just wants Bill to have her back, no questions asked. Jennifer wonders how it’s going to be at the shore and Bill wants to continue loving his wife like he’s been doing. 

Jennifer Aydin

The next day at the shore, Melissa and Joe pull up with their small dogs and begin bickering before they get in the door. Joe begins drinking as Rachel pulls up to her shore house with John Fuda. Jennifer and Bill are staying at their townhome and begin unpacking while waiting on Teresa. Jackie and Evan Goldschneider arrive at Melissa’s with Joe and Margaret following soon after. Jennifer Fessler and Jeff Fessler arrive at Rachel’s with Dolores following behind. Dolores left her bags outside and sweet Rachel got them like the freshmen she is LOL. The crew gets settled as they look around and Jennifer’s setting out food for Danielle and Nate.

Teresa shows up while the rest of the group looks around Jennifer’s townhome. At Melissa’s their having lunch as Margaret complains about Margaret Sr. and her conversation with Teresa at the baseball game. Apparently, Teresa invited Margaret Sr. to the wedding and Margaret’s confused and wonders why Melissa’s mother wasn’t invited. That doesn’t sit right with Melissa and over at Jennifer’s, Teresa tells the group that Melissa declined to let her, and Louie stay at the house.  Joe tells the table about his conversation with Danielle and Jackie thinks Danielle is leaving out a big piece of the story. Margaret doesn’t believe Danielle’s story either and Jackie thinks Danielle doesn’t want to look bad while comparing Danielle to a clearance aisle Snookie! Damn!

Danielle Cabral

The Gorga’s are preparing for the Luau party as Louie and Teresa get ready at Jennifer’s. Bill and Jennifer are loving each other up as Bill helps Jennifer get her shoes on while asking Jennifer to carry herself with class. It’s party time as Melissa’s mom arrives as Teresa and Jennifer take shots with Danielle. Melissa’s party looks great as cigars are being rolled, food is out, and more guest begin to arrive. Frank arrives with his girlfriend Brittany and the rest of the group arrive shortly after. The crew begins drinking as Teresa and Louie greet Melissa and her mother. Jackie thinks Teresa’s a different person than the mean girl she used to be and Margaret ask Rachel about Teresa’s comment from Valentina’s birthday party. 

Melissa and Joe Gorga

Rachel tells Margaret the truth and even spills the beans about her conversation with Danielle while shopping. Jackie and Margaret lean in close as Rachel tells it all and Margaret’s surprised Danielle’s talking sh** about her. Meanwhile, the men go off to take shots and Joe has an initiation shot for John Fuda. The ladies are mingling and eating as Margaret pulls Melissa to the side to spill the newest tea. Jennifer’s taking shots with Bill in the corner as the party begins to really kick off. Everyone’s drinking and having a great time as Jackie tells Margaret about going to dinner with Jennifer Fessler. 

Rachel tells Margaret and Jackie how funny Jennifer Fessler is and soon Teresa comes over to join the conversation. Margaret goes right in and ask Teresa point blank if she was warning the newbies about her. Teresa looks shocked and plays dumb by saying she doesn’t remember and accuses Danielle of starting issues between her and Margaret. Danielle’s not backing down as Teresa tries to deflect. Teresa tries to turn her words into a compliment, but Margaret isn’t going for it. Margaret calls Teresa twisted and states she’s messing with her character as the guys begin chanting while taking shots. Margaret’s upset that Teresa’s not being up front with her and I’m wondering the same thing. Margaret doesn’t think she’s done anything that bad to anyone as Jennifer smokes a cigar in the corner. 

Bill’s taking shots on the ground as the guys continue drinking during the luau show. Everyone enjoyed the show as Frank tells Dolores about the prank Joe has in store for John Fuda. Frank ask Dolores about Paulie and tells Dolores to push Paulie to spend more time with the group. Frank thinks it’s weird that Dolores isn’t staying at his house and even brings Brittany in on the conversation to back him up SMH. Frank claims to be hurt but Dolores isn’t going for the emotional manipulation. Jackie warns Dolores about Jennifer’s drinking as we see Bill crawling on the floor. Jackie ask Frank if he’s ever reached out to Paulie to invite him out, but Frank continues reaching out to Dolores only. 

Dolores is fed up and leaves the conversation as is. Meanwhile Danielle’s taking jabs at Margaret while Jennifer burps in her face. Jennifer Fessler ask Louie how he feels now that the wedding is in four weeks. Louie’s happy and focusing on writing his vows and making sure everyone’s happy. Jennifer F brings up Melissa’s mom and how she’s not invited, and Teresa admits it’s not an oversight. In her confessional, Teresa says ten years ago Melissa’s mother and sister were talking trash on Twitter. Jennifer Fessler wonders if this will create a bigger wedge between the two, but the damage is done.

Louie admits to apologizing to Melissa’s mom for the disinvite and the ladies give him props for the move. Louie’s in the middle but Teresa wishes he would’ve talked to her first before talking to Melissa’s mom. Louie wants to invite Mama Donna and Teresa reluctantly agrees. The ladies are taking pictures while the fellas get John Fuda’s wax warmed up. The crowd gathers around as Joe and the rest of the husband wax John’s chest in front of everyone LOL. John is taking the pain in stride but it’s mostly because Joe doesn’t know how to wax anything LOL. The crew continues partying while Jackie pulls Jennifer aside to ask her to make up with Margaret.

Jackie tells Jennifer that Margaret’s upset that Jennifer’s trying to hurt her but Jennifer’s upset that her children are traumatized due to Margaret outing Bill’s infidelity. Jennifer admits to Jackie that they’re going to therapy and reveals Bill gets upset when the kids have bad grades. Jennifer explains Bill thinks average grades equal an average life and Jackie hugs Jennifer in shock. Jennifer makes a crude joke about Bill as Jackie begins talking about Danielle within ear shot. Jackie senses somethings off about Danielle and Dolores tells Danielle that Margaret’s upset about the comment’s she made.

Danielle pulls Nate to the side to vent as the ladies continue discussing Danielle and her issues with her brother. Melissa goes over to check on Danielle and ends up telling her that the ladies don’t believe her story about her brother. Danielle’s heated and grabs Jennifer and Teresa before she goes off on everyone. Danielle continues going off on the sprinter van and Teresa blames Jackie for starting the drama! Come back next week to see what else happens on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.   


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