On the heels of an eyebrow-raising interview, BTB Savage—a rising rapper from Cleveland, Ohio—is believed to have been killed in a drive-by shooting.

According to Click 2 Houston, a rapper in his early 20’s was killed Thursday evening in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood, although the publication didn’t release the deceased man’s identity.

On-scene witnesses note that suspects in a black Subaru fired off a barrage of bullets at the victim, who was driving a white Mercedes. As a result, authorities believe the act “was a targeted incident.” While the rapper’s identity wasn’t immediately released, people online began to put the pieces together and concluded that BTB Savage was the victim.

The Rapper Had Just Opened Up About Killing A Man In Self-Defense

Part of this speculation came from the fact that he recently spoke on killing a man in self-defense during a sit-down with Vlad TV, which aired earlier this week.

During the interview, BTB Savage detailed how, under the guise of trying to get a feature, two men attempted to rob the rapper after being invited into his house in San Antonio.

After inquiring about his chain before leaving, one of the perps pulled a gun on BTB Savage. After a struggle, the rapper’s girlfriend managed to fire off a few shots at the man, though BTB also sustained an elbow injury in the process.

While speaking on the ordeal, the rapper declared that the robber’s accomplices “left him for dead” after firing through the door. He also noted that the perp was of a “softer” variety and didn’t manage to hit him once.

Eventually, the alleged robber began to succumb to his injuries and began to plead for the rapper to get him to the hospital, though BTB Savage wasn’t moved.

The Incident Came Hours After BTB Savage Referenced The San Antonio Situation Online

On top of the Vlad TV interview, BTB Savage took things further with an upload on Thursday afternoon.

Specifically, a pair of photos shared via Twitter showed him standing at the initial shooting scene. He was standing in the alleged robber’s dried blood and posing next to the bullet-riddled door, and this upload came merely 4 hours ahead of the drive-by shooting.

This only further ramped up the speculation, and you can check out how some people reacted to the matter down below.

It was also noted that video taken from the crime scene appeared to show the victim wearing similar clothing to what BTB Savage donned in his photo.

There are no further updates to the situation at this time, and we send our condolences to the rapper’s loved ones.


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