Jodi Picoult is schooling fans on an unexpected topic.

Following her recent TikTok debut, the author, who has written bestsellers My Sister’s Keeper and Nineteen Minutes, might’ve penned her best work yet—a hilarious tutorial on how to correctly pronounce her last name.

“I hear that since I joined TikTok, there has been a little bit of discussion about how to pronounce my name,” Jodi said in a March 19 video. “You all get Jodi right, but you’re not too sure about the last half of it.”

So, what’s the correct pronunciation? According to the writer, “well, it’s Jodi PICO.”

And if that isn’t clear enough, she also brought along a few props to help settle the matter once and for all.

“As in, pico de gallo,” Jodi said, holding up a salsa bottle. The 56-year-old then does a costume change into a black coat, adding, “it’s not Jodi Pea-coat.”

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