Alix’s Date Night comes three months after she and Tyler broke up. The University of Miami student and the former Yankees baseball player were together for three months before ultimately calling it quits in December, a tidbit Alix kept from her followers until one user noticed he was visibility absent from her posts.

“We haven’t been together for a hot minute,” Alix said during a TikTok live at the time. “I’ve just been hiding it from you guys because I didn’t feel like dealing with it right now. Even stuff I posted of me and my boyfriend—we were not even Dating like a week or two ago.”

“We have been fighting for a bit,” she continued. “I just was not happy with the way I was feeling. He wouldn’t post me. We went to a wedding and got all these good photos together and two selfies of him, and he was like, ‘Oh how many pictures should I post?’ and I was thinking, ‘Aw he’s going to post me.'”

However, shortly after the split, Alix proved she’s busy living her best life posting a TikTok of herself on a private plane with the audio, “Damn, y’all broke up? Nah, she broke, I’m up.” She captioned the video, “What would Alix do?”

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