When your watch list starts running low, Netflix has your back with some of the most riveting and curious on-demand documentaries in the streaming realm. If you love to learn about different places, cultures, or topics you never thought to explore, Netflix’s lineup of original documentaries might be perfect for you. While it’s racked up a reputation for being a hub of true-crime content (think: “Making a Murderer” and “I Am a Killer”), there’s actually so much more to its documentary offerings.

With a trusty Netflix account, you get a fascinating library of documentaries to help you explore the world around you. And while you can glean lots of fun factoids from them, many of these films and series feature rigorous research and offer unique insights. From celebrity-amplified climate-change projects to emotionally charged music documentaries, you’ll always find something that’s worth your time. Really — you can check out an investigative project about a German Shepherd that inherited millions of dollars (“Gunther’s Millions”) just as easily as you can tune into a chilling miniseries about the missing Malaysia airplane that had 239 people aboard (“MH370: The Plane That Disappeared”).

Of course, you might be at a loss when it comes to picking a documentary because there are just so many to consider. If you’re having trouble choosing your next educational adventure, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on the best original documentaries you can watch on Netflix.

— Additional reporting by Ginger Abbot and Amanda Prahl

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