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It is not every day that one receives facial products – body and face masques and serums,, all made from organic products, and all created at an animal wellness sanctuary in McKinney, Texas.  

FarmHouse Fresh — a company that creates spa products –has had a farm animal rescue at their Texas headquarters for the past five years. Yet the brand has been selling Skincare online, at spas and wellness outlets for 15 years. And during that time,  animals have always been at the heart of this skincare business.

The founder of Farmhouse Fresh, Shannon McLinden, has always loved animals, her sister-in-law, Delia McLinden, the company’s vice president and head of sales, worked for one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in the country.  So,  when they launched Farmhouse Fresh, they made sure that animals that needed care were involved in their brand’s vision and mission.  

Farmhouse Fresh Office and Animal Sanctuary

The pillars of the Farmhouse Fresh brand are Grow, Spa, And Rescue…

“We feel very close to animals and believe they are part of healing and wellness,” Shannon said in a recent interview. “Right now, we are at our ranch. It took four years to find the perfect property where we custom-built our headquarters.”

FarmHouse Fresh’s headquarters is a two-story white barn that serves as the company’s prime locale, and also is home to several greenhouses for the rotating microgreens that go into the company’s products. But, of equal importance,  it is home to many animals who need extra care and nurturance.

 The Farmhouse Fresh staff also work with the cruelty division of the SPCA of Texas and the North Texas Humane Society, and as Shannon said “We try to take some of their most difficult cases, the animals that need vet care on a constant basis.” 

 FarmHouse Fresh’s generosity isn’t limited to the donkeys, goats, chickens, horses, ponies and pigs in their care. The company also helps cover local shelters’ microchipping and adoption fees, so shelters pets are more likely to find a home.

This generous animal care could not be adequately done if the Farmhouse Fresh products sold were not useful, and of the highest organic quality obtainable.

But they are. Those we tested were exceptional. 

Farmhouse Fresh

The Wine Down, Overnight Anti-Oxidant was tingly and felt cool on the skin. The targeted ingredients are Resveratrol, found in Texas red grapes, organic chamomile flowers, and EGCG– an active polyphenol found in green tea. 

The facial and body mousses were both light, with peptides and other organic materials. The facial mousse has peptides and retinol.  The four small masques are also surprisingly cool and helpful.  In all, we read all the organic ingredients that combined to make sustainable formulae. And, in using these products, all truly did help, but the subtext of helping animals was also important.

Helpful and hopeful balances were achieved here: the company helps us, we help the company, the animals are the winners. So rare, so necessary. 

Farmhouse Fresh

Farmhouse Fresh Sanctuary Animals

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