Two beauty product veterans are flipping the industry’s standard approach to Skincare. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all product, Victor Casale and Joy Chen created Pure Culture Beauty, offering a suite of personalized skincare products with unique formulas targeted to enhance the individual’s skin microbiome. 

Casale, former chief chemist of MAC Cosmetics and founder of CoverFX, and Chen, former CEO of H2O+ Beauty and YesTo, launched Pure Culture Beauty in September of 2020 with a passion for making skincare more personal. The duo embraces individuality and seeks to provide products targeted to specific customer need. Through their combined 60 years of experience in beauty and wellness, Casale and Chen know that skincare formulated according to generic skin types does not provide sought-after results, because, as they say, ‘skin is anything but generic.’ 

‘We are not offering one product for a particular skin issue or an assortment of products that anyone can use,’ said Chen. ‘Instead, Pure Culture is offering a completely customized, holistic product regimen with clean, active ingredients that are meant to work as a system to enhance your overall skin health.

‘By using data and science, Pure Culture is uniquely able to treat individual skin issues. Consumers will receive specific formulas based on the season, and the formulas will adjust based on their stage in life. Pure Culture has already begun to adopt new technologies to ensure that the formulas utilize the most up-to-date, clean ingredients to produce the best results for consumers. The targeted formulas are gender-neutral and meet the needs of consumers of all ages, with a range of different skin types.’

In order to provide individualized products, the company uses its Skin Profile Analysis Test, which customers initiate online. This self-reported quiz provides a sense of each customers’ lifestyle and skin concerns. An At-Home Skin Test, which determines a cultures and bacteria, is then shipped directly, the results of which provide insight into skin barrier and skin conditions. This then informs the formulation of the personalized and holistic skincare regimen. This back and forth is worth the time, and results in a starter kit with customized serum, moisturizer, and cleanser.

All Pure Culture Beauty products are vegan, gender-neutral, and meet the Credo Clean Standard, making them among a select list of retail brands that have achieved the highest global clean standards and are FSC certified – a certification that guarantees products are sourced from responsibly-managed forests.

‘With Pure Culture Beauty, we want to encourage consumers to expect more personalized and inclusive options from the industry as well as products that are formulated in ethical ways,’ said Chen. ‘We are on a mission to inspire the beauty industry to step up to the challenge.’

Photos courtesy of Pure Culture Beauty


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