Happy Saturday, my friend. I went to a local bookstore in our town called Copperfield’s Books a couple days ago and saw a cover which perfectly captures two of my life goals. (See above.)

Now you know there’s a step-by-step guide available should you need help with staying sexy and alive!

I wasn’t there to buy this book, by the way. I was there to get a magazine. Yup, I still 1) go to the bookstore, and 2) buy magazines at said bookstore. Old school, baby.

Anywho, a while back I started getting “Vogue” in the mail as a replacement for “Allure.” I really enjoyed the issue with Erykah Badu — read it from cover to cover!

The stories, especially the longer features, are so good! I usually blow through magazines quickly, but this particular issue forced me to slow down and savor the stories, which covered a wide range of topics: fashion, sports, politics, art, home design and more.

But back to the bookstore. I went in thinking I’d get something like “Vanity Fair” or “Harper’s Bazaar,” but I ended up with British “Vogue.”

How does it compare? Well, it seems to have shorter stories. And it’s much heavier on celebrity coverage. There’s also more traditional beauty writing, like roundups of new launches and Fashion Week looks, like you’d see in “Allure” back in the day.

I like it just fine, but I don’t know… I probably won’t be seeking it out again soon.

Speaking of finding good stuff to read, what’ve you been into lately?

This week’s reading

OMG, yes!

Love this.

Don’t ask me why I love home tours so much, but I do.

I love it when science and Makeup collide.

I’m going to go work out and then hang with my peeps (aka Connor, El Hub and Rosie). Today is a day of rest, and we’re taking that rest seriously!

Enjoy the remainder if this beautiful day, OK? Take care of yourself.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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