Now that my beautiful family of Lipsticks has grown, it’s high time I get an updated lip pencil suggestions post up. I know a few of you have been asking for this, so thanks for your patience!

My Velvets and Insanely Saturated Lip Colours are highly pigmented with a matte finish, which means you don’t have to use a lip pencil, but if you wish to create crisper definition around the lip line or tweak your shape, you can either apply a pencil in a shade as close as possible to the lipstick’s colour for subtle defining or use something deeper for stronger definition. Here are a few options for each shade, and please do let me know on Instagram if you have found any other great pencil matches that I can add to the list.

Lisa x


Make Up For Ever – Artist Colour Pencil –  Multi Pink 812
– A touch bluer in tone but a very close match for subtle definition.

NYX – Matte Lip Liner – SMLL59 Sweet Tooth
– A touch darker so great for adding deeper definition.



Lisa Eldridge – Enhance and Define – Blush
– A close match in intensity and a touch brighter in colour

Barry M – Lip Liner – Mulberry 9
– A close match (very slightly deeper) great for subtle defining and cheating the edges.

MAC – Lip Pencil – A Soar
– A touch warmer in tone and lighter in depth, will give a soft, subtle edge.



I struggled to find matches for this unusual shade.

Barry M – Lip Liner – Tan 1
– A deeper, soft browner tone that still works well for adding shape and definition.

Becca – Ultimate Lip Definer – Charming
– A true brick, will work well on deeper skin tones and or if you like a strong lip line.


MAC – Lip Pencil – Spice
– A very close match just a touch warmer, will subtlety enhance and define.

MAC – Lip Pencil – Hover
– Slightly deeper with a more browny undertone, will give a darker lip line.

Victoria Beckham – Lip Definer 04
– A cool soft dark brown, great for deeper skin tones.



L’Oreal – Lip Liner Couture – Beige a Nu 630
– Very close match, so good for subtle defining. This lip pencil brings out Fawn’s warmer tones slightly.

Make Up For Ever – Artist Color Pencil – Anywhere Caffeine 600
– This pencil is good for creating stronger definition and is a touch warmer and browner than Fawn.

Charlotte Tilbury – Lip Cheat – Iconic Nude
– A beige nude/brown pencil that is a touch bluer.



Lisa Eldridge – Enhance and Define – MUSE 
– A very close match on dry down, touch more neutral. Very subtle for defining

‪Victoria Beckham Beauty – Lip Definer – 03‬
– A close match to Muse that will add soft definition. Has slightly cooler brown tones so will bring these out in Muse.

Make Up For Ever – Artist Color Pencil – Up and Down Tan 604
– A good match, this deep rosewood lip pencil is great for adding subtle depth to Muse.

Kevyn Aucoin – The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil – Minimal
– A cool, ‘dusty’ pink, ideal for very softly defining Muse.



Lisa Eldridge – Enhance and Define – Beauty 
– Same tone, just a touch deeper in intensity for definition

Lancôme – Le Lip Liner – Fraichelle
– A rich pink tone. This lip liner will bring out the blue undertones in Beauty.

Becca – Ultimate Lip Definer – Blissful
– A great match for Beauty, will add a slightly warmer tone and keep the definition subtle.

Make Up For Ever – Artist Color Pencil – Boundless Berry 808
– This lip liner Is a strong berry pink colour with blue undertones. Great for adding strength and definition to Beauty.

MAC – Lip Pencil – Soar
– A neutral rose tone. This warmer toned lip pencil will keep the overall appearance soft.



Make Up For Ever – Artist Color Pencil – Chestnut 610
– A great match to Decade. Slightly cooler brown, this lip pencil will be good for adding subtle definition.

MAC – Lip Liner – Plum
– This lip pencil has red/plum undertones so good for bringing those forward in Decade, while keeping the definition soft.

Victoria Beckham Beauty – Lip Definer – 06‬
– A rich, warm chocolate brown lip pencil. Ideal for really deepening the edge of the lips.



Lisa Eldridge – Enhance and Define
Deeper in intensity and a touch bluer in colour for stronger definition

L’Oreal – Lip Liner Couture – Velvet Robe 300
– This mulberry red lip liner is a close match. Good for keeping the definition subtle.

MAC – Lip Pencil – Vino
– A deep cool, red berry lip pencil. Ideal for bringing out the blue undertones in Myth and strengthening and defining the lip line.

Bourjois – Lip Liner – Plum it Up 09
– A berry lip pencil with blue undertones. Good for bringing out the richness in Myth.



Clinique – Quick Liner For Lips – Intense Liquorice 12
– This lip pencil is a close match to Midnight with blue undertones. So good for adding subtle definition to the lip line.

Charlotte Tilbury – Lip Cheat – Bad Romance
– This deep plum lip pencil is ideal for highlighting the purple undertones in Midnight.

MAC – Lip Liner – Nightmoth
– An almost black-plum lip pencil. Great for adding strong definition to the lip line.



L’Oreal – Lip Liner Couture – Perfect Red 377
– A close match to Morning with warm orange undertones. Use this lip pencil for subtle defining.

MAC – Lip Pencil – Redd
– Warm toned red, this lip pencil will add a fraction more depth to Morning.

Make Up For Ever – Artist Color Pencil – Perpetual Fire 710
– A hot red lip pencil with slightly cooler undertones. Would be great for adding a stronger definition to Morning.

Lord and Berry – Ultimate Lip Liner – Mandarin 3038
– Vibrant orange-red with warm undertones. This pencil will retain the brightness of Morning.



Lisa Eldridge – Enhance and Define – Lip Pencil 
A more neutral in colour and a touch deeper in intensity.

Makeup/lips/lip-liner/lip-pencil#/shade/Red” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Bobbi Brown – Lip Pencil – Red
– A great match. This lip pencil is red with blue undertones. So good for adding subtle definition to the lip line.

Barry M – Lip Liner – Red 3
– Another close match to Ribbon with blue undertones. Use this pencil for soft definition.

Rimmel London – Exaggerate Lip Liner – Red Diva 024
– A rich, deep red lip pencil with blue undertones. Ideal for strengthening the lip line.



Make Up For Ever – Artist Color Pencil – Countless Crimson 716
– A close match to Jazz. A great lip pencil for subtle defining.

Rimmel – 1000 Kisses Lip Liner – Black Tulip 063
– A rich red with a touch more blue in the undertones. You could use this pencil for adding definition to the edges of the lip line.



MAC – Lip Pencil – Talking Points
– Almost a perfect colour match for Skyscraper Rose. Will work well for adding subtle definition.

Bobbi Brown – Lip Pencil – Bright Raspberry
– A classic raspberry pink lip pencil. Good for adding strength to the edges of Skyscraper Rose.

Revlon – ColorStay Lip Liner – Fuchsia
– This liner was also recommended by a customer.

Lancôme – Le Lip Liner – Rose Lancôme 378
– This liner is another customer recommendation for Skyscraper Rose.



KIKO – Smart Fusion – Strawberry Pink 512
– An almost exact match to Rainbow Spill. Perfect for subtle defining.

L’Oreal – Infallible Lip Liner – Darling Pink 102
– A cool pink shade. Has blue undertones so will be good if you want to soften Rainbow Spill’s intensity just a little.

Make Up For Ever – Artist Color Pencil – Lava and So On 800
– Bright pink lip pencil with a touch of a blue undertone. Will show off and contrast with Rainbow Spill’s vibrancy.



Lancôme – Le Lip Liner – Pourquoi Pas 317
– A close match for Love of my Life but with a touch more blue in the undertones. Good for subtle defining.

Barry M – Lip Liner – Dark Pink 2
– A bold pink lip pencil with blue undertones. Ideal for adding some definition to the lip line.



Kiko – Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner – 315 Intense Mauve

– A rosy mauve pink which will bring out the cooler side of the lipstick.

Lisa Eldridge – Enhance & Define Lip Pencil – Beauty

– A slightly darker lip liner, lovely to enhance the lip line or create a subtle ombre.

Mac – Lip Pencil – Dervish

– Great subtle mauve perfect for outing the lips and complimenting and exchanging the colour of this lipstick



Lisa Eldridge – Enhance & Define Lip Pencil – Muse 

– A darker pinky brown nude, for really defining lips.

Charlotte Tilbury – Iconic Nude

– A more neutral beige brown, for a more sixties vibe.

Lancôme – Le Lip Liner – Vermillion 

A deeper coral that gives great definition while enhancing the colour of the lipstick – very summery.

Mac – Lip Pencil – Boldly bare

– A light peachy nude to hold the lipstick without changing the colour or tone.



Mac – Lip Pencil – Auburn

– A close match to the lipstick

Lisa Eldridge – Enhance and Define – Muse 

– A slightly deeper rosewood  to define lips and bring out the browner tones in the lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury – Lip Cheat – Pillow Talk 

– A cooler pinky tone that gives subtle definition without changing the look of the lip colour.

Kiko – Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner – 304 Wine

– A stronger red, will enhance the colour without changing the undertone.



Mac – Lip Pencil – Spice 

– A slightly darker tone than the lipstick itself but adds a nice bit of definition.

Mac – Lip Pencil – Boldly bare

– Very subtle peachy nude that pairs nicely with the lipstick without creating any more intensity.

Victoria Beckham – Lip Definer – 01 

– A soft peach a touch lighter than the lipstick, for an overall more subtle and lighter look.

Vieve – Modern Lip Definer – Brat

-A deeper creamy brown which gives a more defined outline and enhances the caramel tones. Also good for deeper skin tones.



Lisa Eldridge – Enhance and Define – Muse

A touch warmer, it works as a lovely subtle definer and good for shaping naturally before applying lip colour.

Mac – Lip Pencil – Whirl 

– A cooler, deeper brown nice for adding more depth and definition.



Prestige – Lip Pencil – Poppy 

– A fun bright orange, nice for enhancing the brightness of the lipstick.

L’Oréal – Lip Liner Couture – 377 Perfect Red

– A perfect soft red, very good match for Atomic Cherry, slightly redder but nice for a rich lipliner to define.

Mac – Lip Pencil – Spice 

– Natural peachy nude to softly enhance the lip shape and keep the overall colour subtle



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