Amber Heard apparently has the most perfect face in the world, and this is backed by science.

Beauty is of course, subjective, and lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, in scientific notions, beauty is all about symmetry and proportionality. And going by this approach, Heard’s face falls into the ‘golden ration’ i.e. Phi, that is found in several aspects of nature and life. Back in 2016, a Dr Julian De Silva of the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and plastic surgery in London, revealed that the 36-year-old actress ticked almost all the boxes of the ratio.

Why is Amber Heard’s face the most beautiful in the world?

In a conversation with US Weekly, Dr De Silva revealed that he used a face mapping technology to discover who has the most perfect face in the world, as per the ‘Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi’, aka the golden ratio: 1.618.

After analyzing the perfect proportions of facial features with 12 key points of the face including eyes, nose, lips, and chin, De Silva found that Amber Heard’s face matched the ‘Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi’ with a 91.85 percent accuracy.

Creating the most perfect face in the world

Using the same technique, the doctor also found that Kim Kardashian had the most scientifically perfect eyebrows and Scarlett Johansson had the most scientifically perfect eyes. He also discovered that Emily Ratajkowski has the most scientifically perfect lips.

It is interesting to note that De Silva also tried to create the most scientifically “perfect face” using Heard’s nose, Kardashian’s eyebrows, Johansson’s eyes, Ratajkowski’s lips, Rihanna’s face shape, and Kate Moss’s forehead.

Recently, it was reported that Amber Heard is currently enjoying some downtime with her rumored girlfriend Bianca Butti and daughter Oona Paige as she vacations across Europe. However, she is using an alias name Martha Jane Canary, who is more commonly known as Calamity Jane. Yup, you read that right!

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