Anne Hathaway Critiques Her Devil Wears Prada Costume Post Grad Frump Gorgeousness

Anne Hathaway
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If her acting career doesn’t work out, Anne Hathaway might just have a future as a fashion critic.

In a video uploaded by Vanity Fair on Monday, March 25, the 41-year-old actress hilariously analyzed one of her outfits from The Devil Wears Prada.

“And just look at my wonderful costume,” she said, giggling. “I mean, I know the costumes wind up becoming more glamorous, but I have to say, that is post-grad frump gorgeousness right there.”

In the movie clip, Hathaway’s character, Andy Sachs, stands in front of Runway editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) in a brown corduroy jacket, lilac sweater and white button-down shirt.

Anne Hathaway Poses for Versace

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“I remember thinking the corduroy of the jacket felt like the right choice, and I knew that that color sweater, the kind of bruised lilac, wasn’t the most flattering on me,” Hathaway added.

Anne Hathaway Critiques Her Devil Wears Prada Costume Post Grad Frump Gorgeousness

Anne Hathaway
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When selecting Hathaway’s outfits for the first half of the movie, the last thing that Devil Wears Prada costume designer Patricia Field was aiming for was flattering.

“At the beginning, she’s not at all clued into fashion,” Field said in a 2016 interview with Entertainment Weekly. “She wasn’t so conscious about how she was dressing, which made it fun because we started out with this, let’s say, basic, typical way of dressing, like a Gap or J. Crew kind of look. As she [lives] in this fashion world, she’s under pressure to adapt, and I think she wanted to adapt because the world around her was dressed up and dressed differently.”

In the same Vanity Fair video, Hathaway revealed that while filming The Devil Wears Prada, she knew that it was special but had no idea just how huge it would become.

“It had a magnetic quality to me that I had to be a part of,” she said, adding, “Not this, though. Not the way that it’s just sort of woven into the culture now and it’s become such a touchstone for so many people. I didn’t realize it was gonna have such a lasting impression.”

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