Signature scents are hard to come by and trad fragrance families (woody, floral, amber, fresh) can feel a little vague and ambiguous. Instead, identifying your perfume aesthetic could be the easiest route to discovering a scent you seriously can’t get enough of.

Instead of zoning in on individual notes, seeking out your Perfume aesthetic zooms out and centres on how you want to feel and who you want to be. Of course, just like your mood, that can change day to day, but there will likely be a handful of themes you’ll gravitate towards on a regular basis. For instance, you’ll know if you tend to head in a light and airy direction, versus something deep and heavy.

But TikTok’s aesthetics can help to drill down further. If you’re on team balletcore, your perfume aesthetic would probably fall under a soft, delicate, pretty-pink remit, while a grunge girl may lean toward something earthy and grittier. If you love a mob wife moment, you’ll appreciate a little loud luxury with a scent that’s bold, sumptuous and sexy (skin scents could simply never), meanwhile clean girls or minimalists will favour fragrances that are fresh, light and uncomplicated.

So, check out out favourite perfumes for some of TikTok’s most popular aesthetics below…

Mob wife

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TikTok’s trending mob wife aesthetic is not about being understated. Instead, it’s an unashamed enjoyment of maximalism: animal prints, big blow dries, designer bags, gold jewellery, long nails. It’s OTT, but it’s self aware and playful with it, which we loveeee. Therefore, a mob wife scent has to bring it. It needs to have the glamour, the confidence and the sexiness. Kilian’s Angels Share is perfect for this. It’s a show-stopping and seductive glug of boozy vanilla that smells sweet, sultry and just plain rich. It has addictive rum and raisin vibes, warmed up with tonka and a dash of cinnamon spice for a scent that demands compliments.

Grunge girl

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