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Offset appeared on the Way Up With Angela Yee podcast on July 31 and spoke about a recent Instagram message that he posted (and eventually deleted). In the post, he accused his wife, Cardi B, of cheating on him, writing, “My wife f***** a n**** on me gang, y’all n***** know how I come.” In the new interview, he confirmed that he was “really lit” at the time that he wrote the message, and said that he did it as a way to threaten Cardi during a fight.

“It’s my wife, I love her to death, and we’re going back and forth,” he explained. “If you got a New York woman…she’s a pit bull. She get crazy at the mouth a little bit. And I was really lit that night. I had a little Casamigos. I was lit. And we’re going back and forth, and I’m like, ‘Watch this…’”

The Migos rapper added that he and Cardi are both “crazy” and it makes them “crazy for each other.” He also told Angela that he wouldn’t be addressing the situation any further. “The delete [of the post] was enough,” Offset said. “At the end of the day, them people don’t really know what’s going on with us for real.”

cardi b offset
Cardi B and Offset on a Date Night. (Neil Rasmus/

Cardi previously denied her husband’s cheating claims, which were made at the end of June 2023. “You can’t accuse me of the things that you know that you are guilty of,” she said in a voice recording on Twitter, referring to Offset’s past infidelity. “And I see that it is easy for you to blame everything on me. Don’t pay attention to that country man y’all. That motherf***** is spiraling and thinking s***. I think sometimes motherf***** forget I’m Cardi B. If I was giving that p**** to someone, it would be out.”

Meanwhile, Offset addressed his past cheating scandals on the Angela Yee podcast. The rapper was first unfaithful to Cardi shortly after they got married in 2017. She also filed for divorce in 2020 after another alleged infidelity, but eventually called off the split. “When I did do that, I was in a different space,” Offset shared. “I was young, I had just gotten married. I’m getting a lot of money. Really, it was communication. I wasn’t saying my wants and needs and vice versa.”

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