“We Should’ve Done This at the Sleepover”: Which Barbie Knows the Others Best?

The Barbiefication of pop culture is nearly complete. After years of development and months of pink-tinged promotion, the eagerly anticipated Barbie movie finally hits theaters this week. But despite their time spent together in Barbie Land, there may be a few things the film’s cast and director don’t know about one another. “Have we not had this conversation before?” star Margot Robbie asks director-cowriter Greta Gerwig while quizzing her for Vanity Fair. “I love that there’s still something you don’t know about me.”

As it turns out, there’s a lot still left to learn amongst the cast and director. Barbie stars Issa Rae, America Ferrera, and Kate McKinnon joined the filmmaker and leading lady for this personal trivia test, filmed before the SAG-AFTRA strike began. The group delves into favorite reality shows (Love Island UK is a standout), which film required Robbie to learn how to hold her breath for five minutes, and why Ferrera is a spicy mezcal margarita in human form.

Things take a particularly interesting turn when Ferrera asks the others to reveal her guilty pleasure. “Not showering for a few days,” she eventually admits. When the time comes for a question about Gerwig’s worst habit, Robbie quips: “Is it something to do with cleanliness?” Adds Ferrera: “Is it referencing obscure German silent films that nobody knows?” As it turns out, Gerwig is a decidedly messy person, she tells her cast—a trait that her real-life and creative partner, Noah Baumbach, who cowrote Barbie, sees firsthand. “Noah always comes home and he’s like, ‘I can tell exactly what you did because there’s a trail of crap.’ He’s like, ‘You walked in, you kicked off your shoes, you ate some cheese, you decided you didn’t like the cheese—you left it there, you opened all the cabinets, you walked all the way to the back of the house, and now you’ve left your winter coat on the bed.’”

At one point Ferrera tells her cast and director that they should have played this game “at the sleepover”—a reference to the “totally girly” get-together the cast (minus Ken actor Ryan Gosling) had while filming in London. Watch the video above to see more illuminating answers, including the artist Rae would want to rap the theme song to her life and what makes McKinnon laugh more than anything else.

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