If you often find yourself gawking in awe at ingenious beauty hacks served to you by the algorithm, you’re not alone. In fact, it appears that even Victoria Beckham has taken a leaf out of the #beautytok manual judging by her latest video makeup tutorial. 

The fashion designer-cum-makeup mogul never disappoints when it comes to her candid product demonstrations. Showcasing a current favourite from her eponymous beauty brand to her 31m Instagram followers, the 49-year-old revealed her exact approach towards cream blush application.

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Designed to provide a healthy flush of colour across the cheeks, blush is indispensable when it comes to giving your skin a refreshed, more youthful effect. But many have branched out from the usual apple of the cheeks placement, applying blush to the nose. Yep – you read that right.

Last summer, the ‘W’ blush trend was hard to escape. 

The technique involves drawing a line from the highest point of the cheekbone downwards, hitting the apple and then going upwards and over the bridge of the nose, continuing on the other side of the face. It was essentially giving ski season sunburn vibes, but TikTok was totally hooked.

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Blush on the nose, surely that’s teetering into clown territory? Not according to VB, as long as you use it “quite sparingly”. She applied her Cheeky Posh stick in the shade ‘Rollerskate’ on the apple but went on to reveal that she also applies it on the end of her nose and her chin “because that is naturally where the sun would kiss you”.

 “It’s so cute, it gives a natural, sunkissed, slightly flushed look,” she continued. Victoria demonstrated the blush hack on one side of her face so viewers could grasp the full effect. “It’s super subtle, but really gorgeous for this time of year.” 

We’re very much inclined to agree – cream blush sticks at the ready…

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