Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton’s Relationship Timeline

In February 2021, Deadline reported that Ashton signed on to star as the main villain in “Captain Marvel 2,” aka “The Marvels.” In December of that year, costar Brie Larson shared the news on Instagram with the caption, “Marvel fans, start your theories,” and a winking face. She’s also seen wearing a shirt that says “Villain Lovers Club,” a nod to Ashton’s role in the upcoming film.

Fans were excited to see this casting, not just out of a love for Ashton and her work, but also because Hiddleston plays beloved antihero Loki in the MCU. Conveniently enough, Ashton’s other “Betrayal” costar, Cox, is also in the MCU, as he plays Daredevil.

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