The Reason Why Goldie Hawn Never Married Longtime Love Kurt Russell

Goldie Hawn isn’t itching to re-join the wives club.

In fact, the actress—who was married twice, before her relationship with longtime partner Kurt Russell—doesn’t believe that getting hitched will improve her life in any way. When CNN‘s Chris Wallace recently asked her why she and the Death Proof actor haven’t tied the knot after 40 years together, Goldie bluntly replied, “Why should we get married?”

The Overboard star went on to explain that she and Russell were married to separate people before getting together and, as she put, “when it doesn’t work out, it ends up to be big business.”

“It’s always ugly,” said Goldie, who was married to Gus Trikonis from 1969 to 1976 and to Bill Hudson from 1976 to 1982. “How many divorces are fun? How many divorces actually don’t cost money? How many divorces make you hate the person more than you did before? How many divorces have hurt children?”

The 77-year-old added that she likes being able to wake up every day and actively “make decisions” to be in a partnership with Kurt, 72.

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