The Lincoln Lawyer fans have taken to social media to complain about the show’s major season two part one cliffhanger – with many not realizing that only half of the show’s second season had premiered on Netflix. 

Taking to Twitter to discuss it, one person wrote: “Damn, talk about leaving us wanting more! What a cliffhanger ending to part 1 of #TheLincolnLawyer season 2,” while another person added: “Not #TheLincolnLawyer leaving us on a cliffhanger! Didn’t realize it wasn’t the full season.” A third person added: “This cliffhanger,” with an unhappy face emoji. 

WATCH: The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 2 trailer

While one person asked whether the show was enjoyable, another fan replied: “Yes, it’s really good. Just finished the first half of the second season. There is a frustrating cliffhanger there.” Another person added: “Pretty dope actually, at first I thought it was just one of those comedy-drama series, but it’s pretty intense and interesting.” 

So what happened in the part one finale? In the episode, Mickey is alone in a parking lot while frustratedly searching for a vital missing document, when he is approached by two men who ask him if he is the famous lawyer. He is then attacked and beaten up, with the men leaving him unconscious. 

the lincoln lawyer s2© Photo: Netflix
The show will be back in August

The trailer has already hinted at what will happen next, with Mickey ending up in the hospital while his friends shared their concern over his injuries, telling him that he needs to find a way to make his job more “conventional”. The trailer also confirmed that the show would be back on 3 August – so fans don’t have too long to wait!

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Discussing the show in anticipation of season two, one person wrote: “I gotta say, I was hesitant about season 2 because I thought season 1 was just okay, but I really enjoyed Part 1. They’ve set up the case very well and it’s been a lot more intense than I anticipated.

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Fans were left frustrated by the cliffhanger

The show still comes across as a bit cheesy to me, but I am really enjoying the season so far.” Another fan added: “There are so many interesting peaks and valleys that Manuel puts into his character. It’s what makes you care about him as a person and want you to see him get everything he wants in his life, his career, his family. So good!” 

lincoln lawyer s2© Photo: Netflix
Have you been enjoying the show?

The show has yet to be renewed for season three, with Netflix likely confirming whether they will be going ahead with another season of the drama following figures from the season two part two release. The streaming platform usually waits for several months before greenlighting a follow-up season to ensure that the drama has the viewership needed – sadly meaning that several critically acclaimed shows have been canceled over the years. However, since The Lincoln Lawyer is currently the number-one show on Netflix, we have high hopes! 

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