Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 4 Recap

Temptation Island is back, hot on the heels of some bombshells being dropped at the first solo bonfire of the season. With new discoveries, some of the participants in this experiment are ready to let their guard down, and unleash their true selves. Here’s everything that happened in Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 4…

Permission to cheat: Granted

Temptation Island Season 5 Episode 4 Recap
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Great is reeling off of finding out about Paris’ non-PG comments at the girls’ villa. Yes, she would sucked someone’s d*ck if the cameras weren’t there. His reaction isn’t quite as explosive as one may expect. He’s “embarrassed … her acting like that looks bad on me.” This, however, has given him the greenlight to do whatever the heck he wants. He promises to start the next day with the “mindset of being single,” and not holding back.

Meanwhile, Roberto finds it “scary that I’m relieved,” after watching Vanessa disrespect him back at the girls’ villa. She says she has lowered her standards for Rob. “Every day I’m seeing more and more how bad of a match we are,” he tells host Mark Walberg. “I’m happier being myself.” He certainly seems a lot brighter, being away from Vanessa. She appears to be somewhat of an emotional vampire, sucking the energy out of the room if she’s in a bad mood. Viewers clocked her from the moment she almost quit the show because it rained.

Hall is last up. He also feels some relief, after watching his fiancée Kaitlin getting to know one of the single men on a Date. She’s taking the experiment seriously, so he feels better about the way he’s handling things with Makayla. He admits that he’s been looking for a woman like Makayla “for a very long time.” Mark has the line of the episode, when he warns Hall, “The idea of auditioning a handmaid is not really it.”

Conflict with Christopher

Temptation Island Season 5 Episode 4 Recap
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Christopher is clearly somebody who is incapable of taking criticism. When he is called out for not giving his all to the experiment, he goes off the deep end. Some of the single girls want him to be more “authentic,” and Abby in particular questions his mindset. She tells him he has “a lot of issues to work out,” which triggers an emotional response. He turns the conversation back around on her, before she labels him a “narcissist” who “can’t take the fact that someone doesn’t want you.” His response? “I have a girlfriend, and I’m leaving with a girlfriend, because I don’t want you.”

The only thing is, Marisela may not feel the same way. She is gaining in confidence, and it shows. Marisela has come to realize that she doesn’t need Christopher’s approval on everything she does, in order to be great. The solo bonfire could not have gone better for her. It feels like Mark has already helped her rediscover that spark that makes her such a great person to be around.

While Great lays out his plans with some of the single ladies (he wants whipped cream body shots), Kaitlin is in confessional. She’s scared of marriage, and the fact she’s not excited to plan a wedding. “We get married, then what?” she ponders. It’s a fair point. If she’s not feeling it, she shouldn’t really be exchanging vows.

Group dates and eliminations

Temptation Island Season 5 Episode 4 Recap
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The guys are taking the single girls for a game of soccer (I can’t tell you how much that pained me to type as a Brit), and the girls are taking the single guys for a spot of fishing. It is there that they inform the singles that today, at least one of them will be sent packing. Some of the singles then realize that they better step up their game if they want to stick around. Marjorie in particular, doesn’t mind throwing one of the other single women under the bus, if it means she stays in the villa. I actually find her gameplay admirable. She names a target, and goes after them.

Unfortunately, Rob doesn’t appreciate Marjorie’s honesty. He thinks that her “bashing” is “not a good look.” It ultimately results in Marjorie being sent home, but not before she gets in one last dig at Nafeesah. “You haven’t been present in even being a friend,” she tells her, but Nafeesah isn’t going to let her take a swipe and go. “You’re weird as f*ck,” she tells Marjorie, before explaining to her that she won’t be coming back to the villa.

Over with the girls, the single men are waiting to hear their fate. Vanessa oddly has no trouble in putting Bryce on the chopping block. She wants him to take action immediately in pursuing her, rather than letting things happen naturally. It’s probably only putting him off. In the end, however, it is Griffin who’s let go. If he could do it over, he says he would have “been more aggressive” in his pursuit of Kaitlin. Still, he says he learned something from the experience. A happy ending!

Body paints, partying, and a talent show

Temptation Island Season 5 Episode 4 Recap
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The guys get down and dirty with the single ladies once again that night. The body paints come out, and the twerking begins.

Over at the girls’ villa, things are a bit more casual. They ask the single boys to put on a talent show, which includes juggling, chugging beer, balancing a rugby ball, rapping, and of course a healthy dose of stripping and lap dancing. Paris gives in to Tahjjic’s advances, enjoying a kiss with him at the end of his dance. He wins the competition, and they spend the night together in bed. She worries that she is “gonna lose my mind and do things I shouldn’t.” That ship may have already sailed!

Great is trying to find his own one-on-one connection, but drama gets in the way. While Rob enjoys a kiss with Desiree on the couch, Great tries to figure out which single girl out of Tia, Tamie, and Nafeesah he’d like to play tonsil tennis with. Unfortunately for him, nobody is an option at the end of the night.

When Nafeesah asks Tamie if she’s brushed her teeth, the latter takes offense. She sees it as a slight, and honestly, it did come off rather shady. This escalates into a full-on war of words, with Tia somehow in the middle, sobbing uncontrollably. Tamie calls Nafeesah a “fake b*tch,” who “needs help.” In the end, Great is left alone at the bar, sitting on a stool, shaking his head. Better luck next time, buddy.

Temptation Island Season 5 continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.


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