Tamra Judge Denies "Hamming It Up" for RHOC, Says She Was "Drunk and Pissed" Amid Napkin Toss, and Slams Ozempic Users in Deleted Tweet, Plus Unfollows Jen

Tamra Judge is denying Jennifer Pedranti‘s claims that she’s “drastically different” on The Real Housewives of Orange County than she is off.

After Jennifer suggested on Watch What Happens Live that Tamra “drinks [and] turns it up” for the cameras, Tamra clapped back at the comment, explaining why she tossed a napkin at the newbie as she also slammed Ozempic users for taking shortcuts in a deleted tweet and unfollowed her former friend.

As seen in a screenshot of Tamra’s following list, Jennifer is nowhere to be found.

Tamra Judge Unfollow Jennifer Pedranti on Instagram Amid RHOC Drama

And in a screenshot of Jennifer’s list, the same can be said about Tamra.

RHOC Jennifer Pedranti is Not Following Tamra judge on Instagram

Meanwhile, on her Twitter page, in a message that has since been deleted, Tamra took aim at those who’ve resorted to using the diabetes medication Ozempic for weight loss, who include her RHOC castmate, Emily Simpson.

“There’s a difference between skinny and fit… I’m not on Ozempic. I don’t take shortcuts,” she wrote, as seen in a screenshot shared by Brightly on Twitter.

RHOC Tamra Judge Slams Ozempic Users for Taking Shortcuts

Although Tamra didn’t name Emily or anyone else in her tweet, she could’ve been alluding to potential Ozempic use by Jennifer. After all, Jennifer said on WWHL that she is “more fit” than Tamra.

“Oh man, me,” she told Andy Cohen when asked to compare herself to Tamra.

Also on Tamra’s Twitter page, she further responded to Jennifer’s appearance on Andy’s show, denying that she is different on-screen.

“Sit down newbie. I told you to be honest! I don’t ham it up for the cameras. I’m being honest and the truth hurts,” she wrote.

Then, after a fan suggested that she was definitely acting up when she tossed the napkin at Jennifer amid their cast lunch at Nobu on Wednesday’s episode, Tamra clarified that she was simply “drunk and pissed.”

“Now Tamra I believe you but throwing the napkin was definitely hamming it up for the cameras,” the person said.

“Nope. I was drunk and pissed,” Tamra replied.

Tamra Judge Denies Hamming It Up for RHOC Cameras After Napkin Toss

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