Sofia Vergara has no regrets about ending her marriage to Joe Manganiello, according to her inner circle!

Friends of the Modern Family alum told Page Six on Saturday that she is “living her best life” now that she’s left the 46-year-old actor. Why is that? They claim Sofia was “stifled” during their marriage since he was “unsupportive” and felt “threatened” by her success! One said:

“She’s spending time with her friends after being stifled in a Relationship with a largely unsupportive partner. Sofía was always there to take care of Joe, while his career was never what it was when they met. I think he’s been threatened by her success and joie de vivre.”

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What?! Now, that’s a completely different tune from what we’ve heard about Joe! The Sun previously claimed that the Magic Mike star was never “really comfortable” with the glitz and the glam of Hollywood and wasn’t interested in “conquering the world like Sofia is.” So is he really not comfortable with the Hollywood lifestyle? Or was he just jealous? Who knows!

But there has certainly been a lot of speculation about what led to this divorce – with many sources agreeing it came down to their differences in personalities and lifestyles. One report claimed that Joe’s sobriety hurt their relationship because the 51-year-old actress still drinks. But one friend close to both Sofia and Joe told Page Six that is not the case at all:

“Joe is fully secure and at one with his sobriety, and while sobriety is a continuous practice, his ongoing commitment to being sober was never in any way threatened by being married to someone who drinks responsibly. It’s a pathetic attempt to come up with an excuse.”


So what does the mutual pal think happened? The person explained that the duo’s marriage was fueled by “physical chemistry, though also a lot of loyalty and respect.” However, the passion between them didn’t last! Before anyone asks, no – there was no cheating involved in their split whatsoever just because their chemistry faded. The former Couple’s friend explained:

“Neither of them cheated. They very much did their own thing for large stretches of time and were frequently apart, but they were always able to still feel that passion for each other when they saw each other, but that flame has now gone out.”

There’s no doubt going through a divorce is bound to be hard on anyone. But for Sofia? The confidant insisted she is doing “fine” and enjoying this next chapter in her life already:

“Sofía seems to be doing absolutely fine — she has all the time and the money in the world to do whatever she wants next.”

Clearly, the America’s Got Talent judge is letting this breakup keep her down! She has been living it up all over Italy for her birthday – everywhere from Capri to Ravello with her besties – amid her divorce announcement. As for Joe, though, he has been a tad upset about everything. However, the friend insisted he will most likelyDate-sofia-vergara-divorce/”> move on from Sofia with someone younger and start a family eventually:

“Joe seems a little more dejected but also resolute in knowing this was the right way to go. A lot of friends expect that he will ultimately move on to someone far younger and will start a family; he’s always wanted kids, and that clearly wasn’t going to happen with Sofía.”

And moving forward, don’t expect Joe and Sofia to have a friendship once the divorce papers are signed! Oof. The pal added:

“Sofía and Joe will both be completely fine but … absolutely no one expects their circles to continue to overlap or for there to be any real continuing friendship.”

Here’s hoping their divorce process remains amicable. We all know just how petty and nasty it can sometimes get. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Sofia Vergara/Instagram, The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube]

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