Sister Wives’ Kody, Robyn Brown Absent From Gwen’s Wedding

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and ex-wife Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn Brown married her fiancée, Beatriz Queiroz, but the polygamous patriarch and his remaining wife, Robyn Brown, were seemingly absent from the celebration. 

“CONGRATULATIONS GWEN & BEA,” Gwen’s sister Mykelti Padron (née Brown) shared via Instagram on Sunday, July 16, one day after the wedding. “What a wonderful night with family. Celebrating you two and your awesome journey together makes me so happy!!!! #theyrehitched #theykissedagirlandtheylikedit #married2023 #sohappyforthem”

Mykelti’s photos showed the large family having an incredibly night with the newlyweds. Christine, 51, and her fiancé, David Woolley, were in attendance, along with Janelle Brown and a majority of their children. While Meri Brown was not featured in Mykelti’s Instagram post, the mother of one shared a sweet selfie with her only child, Leon Brown, earlier that day. 

The polygamous patriarch, 54, Robyn, 44, and their five children were noticeably absent from the family function. In addition, Gwendlyn’s brother Paedon Brown, with whom she’s had a publicly strained Relationship, was not seen in the photos.

Kody, Robyn Brown Seemingly Absent From Gwen’s Wedding
Courtesy of Mykelti Padron/Instagram

Months ahead of the wedding, Gwen revealed that her father would not be walking her down the aisle. 

“I was thinking of just walking myself down the aisle, but now that I’m actually thinking about it, that’s actually kind of adorable,” she said in an April 2023 YouTube Q&A. “So I’m definitely gonna consider, cause that’s so cute having my brother.”

Gwen went on to say that growing up she often pictured older brother Logan Brown – whom Kody shares with ex-wife Janelle, 54, – as a father figure. 

“As a kid, whenever we went to dances, like father-daughter [dances], all of the girls would choose my dad and I had a tendency of choosing Logan to represent as my father cause I wanted my little special moment,” she added.

While the Flagstaff-based Couple opted out of attending Gwen’s special day, the college student made it clear that they were invited. 

“But I don’t know if they’ll want to come,” she revealed during an April 14 YouTube video posted to her channel. “We’ve kind of been like, shunned, I don’t think he wants anything to do with the rest of us. I really hope they do come.” 

Prior to Gwen and Bea’s big day, Kody and Robyn were in attendance at Logan, 29, and wife Michelle Petty‘s wedding in October 2022. While the father of 18 was present for his son’s wedding, during the ceremony he sat on the bride’s side next to Robyn, two months prior to announcing his split from Logan’s mother, Janelle

Gwendlyn has not been shy about publicly discussing her strained relationship with her father, whom she’s previously referred to as a “master manipulator.”

“Expecting [my mom] to be perfect 24/7 and, like, never have any complaints is ridiculous,” she said of her parents’ relationship in April, while rewatching part 2 of the Sister Wives tell-all. “That doesn’t make you a bad sister wife. You gotta complain about something. You’re not perfect.”

When Christine then confided in host Sukanya Krishnan that she “didn’t know until right now” that her “venting to [Kody]” was why he had been calling her a “bad sister wife,” Gwen added, “‘Cause he’s a master manipulator.”

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